LSU Hoops Practice Notebook Oct. 10: Screens and consistency

LSU Basketball got together for its first practice of the week and on Monday the team put in work on the screen game, offensive consistency and more.

Working on screens

Brandon Sampson had two nice back-to-back plays. One was coming off a screen set by Craig Victor and creating enough space for himself to make a layup over Duop Reath, who switched off the screen. Sampson, Reath, Victor and Antonio Blakeney were working in a two-on-two setting. Sampson intercepted a Blakeney cross court pass to Reath on the next play. Victor and Sampson  for the most part took it to Reath and Blakeney. Sampson also knocked away ball from Reath, who recovered to hit a jumper though. The team worked on numerous scenarios including going baseline and being doubled off a screen, pick and pops, and other plays.

1-on-1 Work

The team worked on defending half-court 1-on-1 with each other. Generally, guards went against guards and bigs against bigs. Sampson and Blakeney were paired against each other with Sampson getting the best on both turns. Sampson forced two Blakeney misses before grabbing the rebound and then scored on a baseline jumper as he created his own shot later in the drill. Reath was paired against Victor and displayed great ability to affect Victor's shot, covering for Victor's advantage in quickness by having the length to force a miss.

Billy Embody - SCOUT

4-on-4, 5-on-5 Work

During 4-on-4 work, Skylar Mays was one of the stars, doing it by passing and shooting. Mays drove baseline to find an open Jalyn Patterson, who passed up a shot to get it to Aaron Epps, who missed. The ball movement was great, the shot was just not made. Mays continued to display great decisions by knifing through the defense to find the open man on multiple occasions. Mays hit a wide open three from the top as well.

During 5-on-5, Elbert Robinson and Duop Reath continued to battle down low and split the matchups with Reath and Robinson trading off getting the best of each other. Kieran Hayward hit a nice three with Blakeney's hand outstretched after missing a wide open Robinson on the previous play, resulting in the play being stopped.

Notes and Tidbits

  • LSU broke apart the team into three groups to work on the offense separately. Meaning the team would piece it all together when they came together as five-on-five.
  • Blakeney had a rather rough day shooting the ball. He was off on his midrange game. 
  • The team worked for five minute periods shooting the ball and making as many baskets as possible from the elbow and if the team didn't hit a certain number, the team would do suicides. The Tigers ran a couple times before finally hitting their numbers.
  • Victor had a nice steal on Sampson as he came off a screen in 5-on-5 work.

  • The team did a circular dribble drill where players sprinted from four corners to the middle and tried to catch each other in a circle before passing out. Jones stopped the drill a couple times to make sure players were adequately sprinting.
  • On the 3-on-2, 2-on-1 drill, Skylar Mays hit a pullup jumper and then was left 1-on-1 with Blakeney and took the charge, earning the praise of Jones.
  • With Victor guarding Aaron Epps in the corner, Victor forced a steal once and then batted away another pass during a drill on defensive rotation.
  • Mays had the best day out of anyone on the floor as he was calm, made good decisions and was praised constantly by Jones. It's almost appearing that he'll end starting sooner rather than later. Jones worked Mays out with Sampson, Blakeney, Reath and Victor in a group.
  • Elbert Robinson came up gimpy after slipping on a slick floor during practice. He continued to practice, but wasn't moving that well and limping. It affected his shot without having the explosion he normally would have to push off.

Billy Embody - SCOUT

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