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Louisiana 4-star LB talks Bama visit, where LSU stands in recruitment

Southern Lab linebacker Chris Allen is down to Alabama and LSU still, but after a visit to Alabama and a coaching change at LSU, where do things stand?

2017 Southern Lab linebacker Chris Allen said Alabama and LSU are still tied in his recruitment, wanting to see how LSU plays the rest of this season, even after a visit to Alabama.

With Cam Cameron being let go, Ed Orgeron has taken over the recruitment of Allen and the Tigers are still entrenched in the race for his signature. The move to fire Les Miles didn't affect Allen that much.

"Not really. I was sad to see them go, but at the same time, they got a whole bunch of talent and seeing where the team goes and what coach they put as the head coach or do they leave Coach O as the full-time head coach," Allen said.

Orgeron being named head coach isn't a big deal for Allen, who is keeping his eye on the Tigers' performance this season the most.

"Even if they don't do well this season, he's still going to be on the staff there."

Allen talked with numerous Alabama coaches including Nick Saban, Tosh Lupoi and Jeremy Pruitt, who said Allen's spot at Alabama is still very much there.

"They were basically telling me they got a spot for me at Bama and just to keep on working," Allen said. "That's another Louisiana boy they want to join."

Allen's first game in Tuscaloosa to watch Alabama take on Kentucky didn't fail to impress Louisiana's No. 1 linebacker.

"I liked it. It was very loud. It was fun. It didn't too much though because Bama is pretty high on my list, but it was nice to see the game and be on the field."

Alabama's new five-star linebacker commit Dylan Moses and Allen "played with the idea" on the visit of teaming up at Alabama and Allen said he could see that happening. The pair don't text, but always catch up when they see each other. Moses committed to the Tide that weekend.

"We talked about it would be great to team up as Baton Rouge and beyond. He hasn't been pressing on me too hard. He just said to take my time and see where I want to go, but the idea is kind of cool to play with someone I've known my entire life since playing football. I think that'd be really cool."

Like LSU, Alabama sees Allen as a versatile linebacker that can play multiple positions.

"In passing situations, putting me in and letting me rush like Tim Williams and get sacks. On running downs and situations, I'd play the middle spot."

On thing that stood out to Allen about Alabama was the off-field support.

"How much money they put into the academics. It's just a heck of a lot. It seems like they put everything in place for you to go and graduate."

Allen says he's taking his recruitment week-by-week and wouldn't call the LSU-Alabama game a winner-take-all in his recruitment.

"I really want to see what LSU does these next few months. I just want to see them get back to compete for a national championship. It might be out the door, but it might not because they still got Alabama to play and they're No. 1. I just want to see them win," Allen said. "It's the results, but I'm really looking into the detail of how LSU plays and how well they do, if that makes sense."

The four-star linebacker dislocated his finger a few weeks ago, but returned to action last week for Southern Lab.

"It's feeling good. I can't bend it too much, but it's a lot better than when it happened," Allen said. "At first, I noticed I couldn't move my finger and I came out. I never had a dislocated finger so I didn't know what to expect. Just going to follow what the doctors say. I just want to be out there and play with my team."

Allen said he's not trying to rush his recruitment, but he's ready for a decision to be made, whenever that comes.

"I'm not tired of it. I'm just tired of being on the phone. Not to be mean, but I've got a good bit of homework to do too."

Allen's official visit to Alabama is likely to be set for when the Crimson Tide take on Auburn. Allen doesn't know if he'll take an official visit to LSU, but if he did, he has the Alabama weekend as his circled date.

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