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From the Other Side: LSU vs. Ole Miss

Tiger Blitz talked with OM Spirit's Chuck Rounsaville about LSU vs. Ole Miss to get the pulse of the Rebels as they visit the Tigers on Saturday.

Billy Embody: Chad Kelly is the leader of this team and before the start of the season, we talked about his preparation and how much he works at that. This season though hasn't been what the Rebels envisioned, but how has Kelly gone about his business with this team in terms of trying to keep them fighting in the SEC West?

Chuck Rounsaville: "Kelly is extremely competitive and that competitiveness is contagious. Lack of effort has not been an issue with the Rebels thus far, but lack of focus and execution has been."

BE: The skill players for this team are very, very good especially with Evan Ingram out there. How are the Rebels going to work to get Ingram the matchups he needs to continue to produce at a high level?

CR: "Ole Miss will not work to get Engram open as much as they will throw to the receiver, be it Engram, Adeboyejo, Pack, Jefferson, Stringfellow, or Brown., who is getting man coverage. The way things work, many times that is a safety or outside linebacker matched up on Engram. If he is single covered, Chad will go to him."

BE: It was one of Leonard Fournette's forgettable games from last season against the Rebels. How do they replicate that type of performance to shut down the big guy?

CR: "It will be difficult because Ole Miss has not been nearly as good against the run this year as they were last year. They are having gap control issues in  not consistently making proper fits. Fix that and they have a chance to slow down Fournette, but nobody stops him cold. Also, last year, LSU did not have much of a passing threat so Ole Miss could load the box to defend the run with more hats. This year, LSU looks to be throwing more effectively so it will be hard to over-populate the box."

BE: There's a lot of learning going on at the linebacker position for the Rebels with their youth. How has that unit played and having to face a rushing attack like LSU, what will they try to do to slow down LSU's running backs?

CR: "They have not played well. If they do not play more disciplined and within the system better, it will be very difficult for Ole Miss to slow down the LSU run game, as potent as it is."

BE: What's your feeling on how this game plays out? Got a prediction yet?

CR: "This game will be like most recent LSU-Ole Miss games, a barn burner. I don’t make predictions on games because after 38 years of covering the SEC, I know better – anything can happen. Most people already believe I am not real smart – why prove it by putting something like that on paper?"

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