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Coach Orgeron's weekly radio show is getting bigger - and more popular - with each win

Tiger Blitz attended Coach Ed Orgeron's Weekly Radio Show at TJ Ribs Wednesday night to get some thoughts and reactions from the LSU Tiger Family.

Things have changed here in Baton Rouge the last few weeks.

Ed Orgeron, passionately referred to as “Coach O”, took over as interim head coach of the LSU Tigers after Les Miles was fired following the loss at Auburn on September 25.

In the Tigers last two games under Orgeron, LSU has turned in over 1,150 yards of offense, but more importantly he has revitalized his players, the fan base and has created an energy here that is undeniable.

TigerBlitz.com was on hand at Coach O’s weekly coaches radio show at TJ Ribs on Acadian Wednesday night to get some reaction from the LSU fan base on who should be the next full time Head Coach at LSU.http://www.scout.com/college/lsu/story/1710661-join-tiger-blitz-with-our...

The crowds at TJ Ribs have increased significantly since it has become the Coach Ed Orgeron Show. It’s obvious that residents in Louisiana are enjoying having a coach that one fan referred to as "one of us." See the following reactions from several fans after the show.

***“Coach O is a great fit here in Baton Rouge. We needed a big change in our program and he is doing somethings with this team in just weeks, I hope he is our next Head Coach and he stays around for a long time. I have been a LSU fan for the last 39 years, this is the most excited I have been about this team in a long time. On game day our fans are re-energized, and our players seem more into it.” -LSU Fan Scott.

***“I think Coach Orgeron deserves a chance to be our head coach. He’s the same in quality he brings to the program, the energy he brings and how he recruits, he’s at the top of the league in those categories.” -LSU Fan Basean.

***“Coach O is doing a great job. He’s got the team back into it, he’s got the fans back excited again. The energy around the program is better than I have seen in a very long time. If I’m the one making the decision on who to hire, it’s an easy choice, it would be Coach Orgeron.” -LSU Fan Brian.

***“He has done a great job. It’s been a much needed change for our program, it’s definitely more exciting than the last couple of years have been. If he keeps it up the job should be his. If he beats Alabama, no question the coaching search should be over. If he wins out and LSU doesn’t give him the job, there will be an uprising in LSU Athletics and the entire state of Louisiana. One of the biggest difference since Coach Orgeron has taken over is that we aren’t so predictable on offense. It makes it fun again to watch and attend a LSU Football game. Coach O is utilizing his talent so much better than we have seen in the last few years.”  -LSU Fans Josh and Scott.

***“He is doing a great job. He has to keep winning, if he does the job should be his. No way they can’t give him the job if he wins out, I think even if we play well against Alabama and don’t come out on top and win the rest of them, he should still get the job. We have the athletes here at LSU, the last couple of years we have been winning despite the coaching, now we are starting to use our athletes to our best advantage. To me it’s funny, it’s like night and day differences in our team since Coach O has taken over. He and the coaches are taking the players and putting them in a position to be successful, they are also calling the right plays to help this team be successful as well. That’s great coaching, he has the players believing in themselves again, the fans believing and enjoying the game a whole lot more. Add the fact that he is one of our own, it’s great to have someone that grew up in Louisiana, understands the culture here and he even sounds like us. To me that’s very important to finally have the perfect fit to lead this program and to me that’s Coach O.” -LSU Fan Bruce.

While it’s obvious these interviews were conducted in a partisan crowd that loves Coach Orgeron, it’s just as obvious the job and difference he has brought to this program in just three weeks. Two down, four more to go, it’s should be interesting to see how this plays out. 

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