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Lane Kiffin's offense drastically different than what Orgeron knew at USC

LSU coach Ed Orgeron addressed the media after practice on Tuesday and then touched on similar things like Lane Kiffin's offense, LSU's offensive line and preparing LSU's offense for Alabama's defense.

Kiffin's offense at Alabama totally different than at USC

When asked if Alabama offensive coordinator Lane Kiffin had changed much over the years, it was easy for Ed Orgeron to say absolutely. Orgeron has seen Kiffin go from the USC 2-back look to a full-blown spread offense.

"We used to be run-pass and obviously he still does a tremendous job of mixing up the run and pass," Orgeron said. "They're more spread with quarterback runs now. We were never quarterback runs at USC. Now he's in a lot of shotgun, pistol and varying formations."

While LSU has just begun working on the Alabama gameplan, Orgeron has chimed in with some thoughts on what Kiffin likes to do in certain situations, but Aranda has it covered for the most part.

"We got a tall task at hand, but I'm sure Dave Aranda is going to have a very good plan. We have to take care of the ball," Orgeron said. "We cannot give up sack fumbles, give the ball away on special teams, and we have to continue to force turnovers."

The main thing LSU will have to contend with against Alabama will be the physicality of the Crimson Tide offense.

"They're very efficient at what they do. They grind and they grind and they grind. You just can't give in. It's like a heavy weight fight," Orgeron said. "It's on their mind. It's like a bowl game."

It's well-documented that Orgeron and Kiffin are very good friends, but this week, the friendship might take a backseat.

"Mutual respect. We're not coaching friends, we're personal friends. Lane has always treated me well. Everywhere he's been, he's tried to get me to go with him, Orgeron said. "I talk to him 2-3 times a week, but we're going to take a hiatus this week. I'm not going to call him, but he's going to call me. I know how he is."

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Offensive line getting healthy for most physical matchup

With offensive linemen Toby Weathersby and Will Clapp taking the majority of the reps on Tuesday in practice, Ed Orgeron expects LSU's offensive line to be 100 percent healthy for the Alabama game. The challenge is raising your game to that level after being nicked up.

"Just the physicality of the game. He's going to be playing against some great players. He's going to be fresh. If he's (Weathersby or Clapp) 100 percent, we're going to play him."

Early in the Ole Miss game, LSU's reshuffled line gave up a sack that Orgeron said on Tuesday is unacceptable against a team like Alabama.

"We cannot give up plays like that. We gotta protect him better."

Orgeron said the key on offense for LSU is continuing to have a nice balance of run and pass while being multiple. Ultimately, it comes down to physicality.

"We're going to have to be physical on both sides of the ball. This is a big man's game," Orgeron said on Tuesday. "Hopefully, we can do somethings that block and spread it out a little bit. Continue to do the things we do and do them well. We have to go toe-to-toe and do the things we need to do."

Fournette's big day was a credit to the execution from the offensive line to receivers last week. Against Alabama, the Tigers will look to replicate this.

"The whole offensive line. A couple times we pulled the guard and tackle and cut the defense. The receivers were blocking great downfield. Excellent. I just felt it was a great scheme."

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Other Tidbits:

  • The following players didn't practice on Tuesday: DJ Chark due to a sprained finger, JD Moore due to a cervical strain and Colin Jeter due to a sprained wrist.
  • Nose tackle Travonte Valentine had a better practice and is losing weight according to Orgeron.
  • Orgeron said that Leonard Fournette is going to lose a couple pounds he expects the next two weeks to get to a more comfortable weight. The new LSU single-game rushing record holder didn't say anything about any after effects of the game. Orgeron guessed his ankle was sore.
  • Orgeron said even with the bye week and long wait before the Alabama game, players could use this week to forget about the Ole Miss game and go to work.
  • Orgeron said you might as well put Danny Etling, "through a meat grinder" to prepare him for this Alabama front seven.
  • At Ole Miss, Orgeron pushed his players too hard on bye weeks. Team practiced Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. "It didn't work well."
  • LSU will host a Tiger Bowl on Thursday where the younger players will scrimmage and the older players will watch. "The guys have a blast."
  • Linebacker Corey Thompson will redshirt. "That's final."
  • Orgeron said about Alabama's offensive and defensive lines: "They're physical, they're tough and they play with great technique."

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