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LSU Hoops Practice Notebook: LSU working fundamentals with season nearing

LSU Basketball was back on the court and media was allowed to take in practice. Here's what we picked up during our time watching.

Victor returns to practice with great energy

LSU forward Craig Victor missed time as of late due to an undisclosed injury, but returned today and brought it on the floor. 

Victor rebounded extremely well and at one point flew in to bat a ball away from Brandon Sampson that he batted to Skylar Mays, who hit the open three from the wing.

As Blakeney drove to the basket, he made a nice move to create separation between he and his man, but as he passed it, Victor stepped up and snatched it away. 

Victor looks more and more comfortable each time we see him. Robert Kirby continues to work with him on the sides at times on the little things, but it's clear that he's going to be one of the most active players on the floor.

Hedging Work

LSU spent about 20 minutes of our viewing period on hedging on screens and being disciplined in that regard. The big men like Duop Reath and Elbert Robinson were worked on a lot to ensure they're able to get back to the lane with their man with their hands up to stop passes.

Freshmen like Keiran Hayward and Skylar Mays were also singled out for the little things it takes to hedge correctly. 

Practice Notes:

  • A group of Skylar Mays, Craig Victor and Brandon Sampson moved the ball around extremely well in a 3-on-3 drill. The group passed up multiple open shots before making a three from Mays from Victor finding him on the wing.
  • Kieran Hayward, while still making mistakes, had one of his more physical practices today, taking the ball to the paint on Blakeney and throwing a (legal) shoulder to create the room to make the shot. Hayward also stepped out on a drill to hit a corner three with a hand in his face.
  • Brandon Sampson was late Tuesday due to class.
  • Scary moment at the end of our viewing period as Mays tweaked his knee running a drill. He was examined by trainers and allowed to return to practice.
  • Jalyn Patterson lobbed a great pass in a transition drill to Sampson, who wasn't able to throw down a two-handed alley oop to finish the play.
  • Aaron Epps was defending Marshall Graves off a pick play and Graves used a nice hesitation to create enough room on his drive to finish the left-handed layup as Epps was too slow to defend him.
  • Elbert Robinson rode the bike for some of practice during individual drills. Seems like the staff is working on his conditioning while monitoring his practice minutes.

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