Examining LSU's offensive line struggles against Alabama

LSU's offensive line struggled mightily against No. 1 Alabama on Saturday night. Murf Baldwin breaks down why, who and where it hurt LSU the most.

When two heavyweights go to battle, it's often the slightest mistake that ends up tilting the scales in favor of the victor. And, as we've come to know, to the victor go the spoils. 

LSU's 10-0 nothing loss to the reigning national champions, the University of Alabama, was nothing short of captivating for those if us that are into the intricacies of the game. After all, we will undoubtedly look back on it as a game played between about 30 combined NFL players.

The storylines were to the max, too, with LSU's interim head coach, Ed Orgeron, by far facing his toughest test in his quest to achieve permanent status, and with his BFF, Crimson Tide offensive coordinator, matching wits with Tigers' superstar defensive coordinator Dave Aranda. 

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While many tried to push the suspect narrative of LSU being different on offense, since the removal of long-time HC Les Miles from his post, the facts remained: For LSU to get to where the talent level says it needs to be, it will be dominant play along both lines of scrimmage that gets it done. 

And while the defense showed itself to be the 1B to Bama's 1A, the offense had very little offer...period. 

Once again, perhaps, the greatest talent of this generation, running back Leonard Fournette, will leave a game against the mighty Tide a complete non-factor. And this new, vaunted passing attack we've heard bandied about? It was about as new as the track for JuJu On Dat Beat.

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So what gives? 

I'm glad you asked (lol), because I have a more in-depth look in the video below. 

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