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Transcript: Joe Alleva on hiring Ed Orgeron

Here's everything LSU Director of Athletics Joe Alleva had to say at Ed Orgeron's introductory press conference.

LSU Vice Chancellor and Director of Athletics Joe Alleva opening statement…

“Great day for LSU Football. Thank you all for coming. You know, we’ve had our man here all along. Before I really get into this, I want thank some people. I want to thank President King Alexander, and the board leadership. Three of the board leaders are here today: The chairman of the board, Scott Ballard; Steve Perry, the chair-elect; Blake Chatelain, the chairman of the athletic committee on the board. They have been my sounding board, they've been technically I guess the search committee. They've been great to work with. I really, really thank them for their support through this whole process.

This thing was never going to come down to a bidding war. It was something that we knew that Coach ‘O’ is never going to play games with us. We know where Coach O's heart is, we know where his love is, we know where his passion is.

At the end of the day only one candidate got an official offer from us and it was accepted this morning.

I don't have to explain to you what Coach O is about and what he means to LSU football. It's part of his DNA. He grew up wanting this job. This is his dream job.

At the end of the day we're striving for a culture of excellence here at LSU, excellence in everything we do, on the field, off the field, in the classroom, in the community. Coach O gets that.

Earlier I put out a list of criteria of things that I think are important for the head coach. Coach O hits every one of those criteria. There will be some critics that say, Oh, look at his record at Ole Miss. You know what, that was a long time ago. In this world people learn more from their mistakes and their failures than they do from their successes.

Believe me, Coach O realizes his strengths and he realizes his weaknesses. His strengths are going to be tremendous here at LSU. There's no question in my mind he's going to assemble the finest group of assistant coaches in the country.

His passion is unbelievable. You can just see how the players responded to him. You could see at how in eight short weeks he changed the culture on the team, changed it immensely. He changed it from a culture of individualism to a culture of team, everybody loving and working together. In football, it's all about team, and it's all about working together.

I needed to hear these three words from him: preparation, passion and excellence. I think those three words symbolize Coach O. At the end of the day, there really was no choice, there was absolutely no choice but to hire Coach O.

When you looked at how the team responded after two very tough losses, I think you really get to see what leadership and motivation is all about. Tough loss to Alabama. We come out the next week against Arkansas and play tremendously and beat them badly. A very devastating loss to Florida. We come out the next week, actually three or four days later, and beat A&M soundly on their own field. That's what leadership and motivation is all about. That's what this man symbolizes to me.

There's no question in my mind he's going to be able to recruit the state of Louisiana. He's one of the finest recruiters in the country. When you put together the talent that we can gather here at LSU, with the coaching staff he's going to put together, it's a formula for championships. That's our goal here, is championships, to compete at the highest level.

Yesterday I got a phone call from Pete Carroll. I know y'all know who Pete Carroll is. He said to me, ‘Joe, a leader has got to have a big heart. It's all about heart. He said, Coach O has the ability to get the most out of people. He has the ability to motivate people to do things they don't think they're capable of doing.’

That just stuck with me. I thought about it, thought about it. I don't think there's a person that I've met that has a bigger heart and a bigger desire to succeed than Coach O.

So with that, it's my pleasure to announce to you the next head coach at LSU, permanent head coach, Ed Orgeron.”

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