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Tiger Bites 12/2: Inside Everything LSU

Come inside Tiger Bites: Inside Everything LSU with the latest on LSU commits, a potential wide receiver target and what we're hearing on the offensive coordinator search.

LSU commit recaps in-home visit with Jeff Grimes

By: Billy Embody

2017 Desoto (Tex.) offensive lineman and LSU commit Edward Ingram took time out of preparing for his playoff matchup against Cedar Hill (Tex.) to host LSU offensive line coach Jeff Grimes for an in-home visit this past week. Grimes touched on preparing for college during his visit.

“He was basically telling me about how hard the major change from high school to college can be on some athletes. And how fast everything is gonna come at the beginning of January,” Ingram said.

It was the first time Ingram got to meet with Grimes since Ed Orgeron was hired as the head coach of the Tigers. Ingram loves Orgeron's energy and considers him to be a cool guy. Grimes talked with Ingram about what Orgeron is about and his chances to compete.

“He said there is no better guy to be head coach at LSU then a Louisiana man. He said I'll enjoy his company next year. And that I could possibly have a chance to start,” Ingram told Tiger Blitz.

The mammoth offensive guard at 6-4, nearly 330 said that LSU is happy to have him with all of the changes that have taken place with LSU this year.

“He was basically telling me he's glad I stay committed through out this whole process of Les Miles being fired. He's excited to see what next season brings,” the four-star lineman said.

Ingram responded to rumors that Lane Kiffin will be joining LSU's staff in Baton Rouge as well.

“I really want the OC from Bama to come to LSU. If he's gotten Alabama to national championships he can get LSU there also.”

His mindset is simple going into his playoff matchup on Friday as the Eagles continue to look for that elusive state championship.

“We play tomorrow (Friday) and all I'm thinking is that we all just have to leave it out on the field and dominate upfront so that our backs a quarterback can do what they do best make plays.”

LSU awaits word on offensive coordinator for Orgeron's staff
Stuart McNair

By: Billy Embody

LSU head coach Ed Orgeron made it clear at his introductory press conference that the Tigers were going to pursue a dynamic offensive coordinator to lead the LSU offense into the Orgeron era.

Most everyone points to Alabama offensive coordinator Lane Kiffin as the obvious choice.

Tiger Blitz has been told that Kiffin is slated to become LSU's offensive coordinator unless the right head coaching opportunity presents itself. 

Alabama coach Nick Saban has been stumping for Kiffin to be considered for the Houston job and Kiffin is reportedly set to interview for the Houston job on Sunday following the Tide's SEC Championship game appearance against Florida on Saturday.

Orgeron and Kiffin are best friends off the field and share a lot of the same ideas as far as what an offense in today's college football game should look like. 

With Kiffin potentially interviewing for the Houston job, that leaves more concern than ever that LSU might not land their No. 1 man. 

If that's to happen, Orgeron will have an interesting challenge early on in his tenure as to where he'll go for a spread offensive coordinator that can lead the Tigers offense. Orgeron said at his press conference that the spread offense is where college football is going and that includes having a dual-threat quarterback to run it. 

While options after Kiffin are not yet being talked about, it's clear that Kiffin's days in Tuscaloosa are over. It's just a matter of where he'll be next season.

Orgeron and LSU are hoping it's in Baton Rouge, but there's nothing certain when it comes to the coaching carousel. As of now, Kiffin is slated to be the offensive coordinator at LSU. 

Will it get to the point of interviewing at Houston for Kiffin? If it does, that might delay things for Orgeron's offensive coordinator hire. 

There's still things to be sorted out, but LSU has their guy as of now. That all can change though.

Stay tuned to see how this one plays out.

LSU's newest commit sounds off on decision
Caden Sterns (© Twitter)

By: Billy Embody

LSU got its first commitment under Ed Orgeron with 2018 Cibolo (Tex.) Steele athlete Caden Sterns committing to LSU. It's been a dream school for Sterns and he said he's happy to have a decision out of the way now that the coaching situation has been settling.

“Wanted to let them know I was committed. I had been thinking about it for a while. It’s always been my dream to go to college there,” Sterns said. “I’ve always had love for LSU.”

For the Alabama game, Sterns made his way to Baton Rouge for the game and was impressed. Sterns was decided at that point and was impressed with how Ed Orgeron handled everything with the coaching search.

“It was more than what I expected when I went there and I was blown away,” Sterns said. “I was just waiting for the whole coaching thing to go down. I was rooting for Coach O to get the job with how he handled the whole situation with being interim coach.”

Sterns called LSU defensive backs coach Corey Raymond to commit and the staff was excited to accept his commitment.

“I called coach Raymond and we were talking about playoffs and how his Thanksgiving was and how my Thanksgiving was. I just busted it out and said I wanted to commit. He was ecstatic. He didn’t really expect it. He told me to talk to him and Coach O in the staff meeting. Coach O welcomed me and they’re all excited for me to be there.”

Sterns is excited to recruit others to join him in the 2018 class to join fellow defensive back Kelvin Joseph.

“It’s incredible. Hopefully, it starts a trend and we get players to be the best we can be when we get there. I can’t wait to be a part of special and the tradition up there to make history,” Sterns said.

Growing up watching many LSU stars, Sterns knew it was something he wanted to be a part of.

“Just the school itself. I always say Tyrann Mathieu, Eric Reid, Claiborne and now Jamal Adams. I always grew up watching those guys,” Sterns said. “You have Leonard Fournette and Odell Beckham. There’s always been those guys and my favorite school. My favorite atmosphere. There’s nothing else like it.”

The Alabama game could have gone LSU's way Sterns said, but he was still impressed with the electric atmosphere.

“It was good. There was just a couple bad calls that maybe could have overturned it. That touchdown that Hurts scored, there were a couple holds. The gameday atmosphere was crazy. There’s nothing like it. People were telling me I had to go see it for myself.”

When Sterns talked with Orgeron, he could tell his excitement to have the job.

“Just from talking to him, you can tell he’s fired up that he has that job. He took it very seriously. His character is outstanding," Sterns said. "You can tell the type of leader he is by taking over and handling adversity and keeping the players focused. He wants the job, he wants to be there and cares about his players. He has that fire in him.”

Sterns is focused on bringing a state championship to Steele this season as their playoff run continues.

“We’re going to the fourth round and hopefully we can keep it up to play our game and get that ring that we’ve been working towards.”

LSU legacy talks interest in Tigers, recruitment
Chad Simmons - SCOUT

By: Billy Embody

2017 Destrehan wide receiver Justin Jefferson has been on LSU's radar for quite sometime, but is focused on Destrehan's playoff run and game on Friday against Landry-Walker, which figures to be a tough matchup at the Superdome.

“We gotta get that W. Playoffs aren’t easy. It never is. We just gotta stay focused and try to get to the Dome,” Jefferson said. “It’s my last chance and some of the other seniors too.”

Jefferson has been working to do whatever he can to help his teammate even when he's not getting the ball.

“I’ve been really helping my team out. I don’t always have the ball in my hands, but just keeping my teammates focused. Blocking and whatever I need to do to make sure I help the team.”

As a senior, Jefferson said the idea of going out with a state championship is at the forefront of his mind.

“That would mean a lot to me to finish strong. Going to be my last time playing with my teammates after playing with them for four years. It would be a great experience and ending with them.”

The Tigers continue to monitor Jefferson and he believes they're close to offering.

“They really interested in me. It’s just making sure I stay on track and my grades are straight. I  think they’re going to offer soon. Just gotta make sure everything is straight and right for me to be eligible and ready to go,” Jefferson said. 

UTSA, Northwestern State and Nicholls State have offered Jefferson. UTSA and Texas are going to get visits from Jefferson soon. LSU and Texas are two schools catching the 6-4 receiver's eye right now.

“They’ve really been helpful to me just seems like they really care and making sure I’m good,” Jefferson said. “I’m just trying to see what other schools are trying to holler. I’m really interested in LSU. I’ve been around it a long time. I’m also interested in Texas as one of the other schools I’ve been looking at. Just seeing what’s out there and waiting to see what happens.”

UTSA and coach Frank Wilson have been on Jefferson for a while now and are getting a visit. Wilson has been impressed with Jefferson and the Roadrunners offered a few weeks back.

“They’re hitting me up every other day just seeing how I’m doing. LSU too. They’ve come to school a couple times to check up on me,” Jefferson said. “I had a bond with coach Frank since he was at LSU and knowing my brothers. Been in contact for a lil minute. He watched my film and said he likes me. He offered a couple weeks ago.”

As far as potentially completing the family tree of attending LSU where his brothers Jordan was a quarterback and Rickey was a safety would be special. Jefferson is keeping an open mind though.

“I think it’d be a good thing to have the three brothers that went to LSU. I’m sure a lot of people think I’m going to LSU, but I don’t really know right now.”

Wherever Jefferson ends up, he brings a lot of effort to the field and is pushing even harder as his high school career inches closer to be over.

“I bring a lot to the field. I bring 100 percent to the field because every play counts. Just trying to get to the Dome. We’ve been focusing on that goal since January. Just trying to get that win on Friday.”

Jefferson doesn’t have a timeline on a decision yet.

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