LSU assistant coach Steven Ensminger (Photo by James Bryant)

Offensive coordinator and former Tigers quarterback Steve Ensminger's love for LSU heard loud and clear

LSU offensive coordinator Steve Ensminger isn't a huge fan of talking with the media, but he opened up on his decision to be offensive coordinator for Ed Orgeron, his playcalling.

Interim LSU Offensive Coordinator Steve Ensminger is a man of few words. 

He makes it well known he is an old school coach, who loves to coach football and not talk to the media or the other stuff that some now think is important. 

Ensminger, a former starting quarterback at LSU and long time coach for the Tigers, will be retained by new LSU Head Football Coach Ed Orgeron. Ensminger spoke to the media for the first and last time he hopes in the near future. He entertained the group of media with several comical comments, but his love for LSU came through loud and clear. 

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When asked to step in and be interim offensive coordinator, he explained why it was an easy decision for him. 

“When he asked me to be the offensive coordinator, I had one goal in mind, to see how many games we could win,” Ensminger said “You know, I went to LSU. I played at LSU. And I just wanted our team to get back to where it's supposed to be. And like I told Coach O, I said, you know what? I'm doing this for you. I think you deserve this job. And I mean that, and I've known him for a long time. I said I'm going to do everything I can to make you the head coach right here and make the Tigers win again. That's it. I was doing it for our school, our state and Coach O and that's it. I could care less about being the offensive coordinator at LSU, okay? And I told him that. I said I'm doing this for you.” 

Winning the head coaching job for Orgeron was one of Ensminger’s goals he accomplished the other was returning the Tiger offense into something that the players and fan base could be proud of. He admits that the transition was hard work but was worth it, especially seeing the smiles on his players faces.

“To be honest, offensively, we always felt our whole offense was better than what we were showing and for those kids to get out there and work like they did and to show what we could do offensively, and they did it, and I'm proud of the fact that our kids are happy.” Ensminger said. “We spread the ball around. Our fullbacks are catching passes. Our tailbacks are running really good, our receivers. Just spreading the ball around, doing what our quarterback can do and everything else, and they all walk off the field happy. You can tell they're excited about it, and it makes me happy to see that.”

During the first couple of days of the new transition of him running the offense, the veteran coach had a few sleepless nights. 

“It’s difficult, I will be honest, the difficult part was it not being your system,” Ensminger said. “If it’s your system everything just rolls off your tongue. Yeah I have been know to sleep in my office before, especially during fall camp. During the transition and getting ready for our first game, there were a few nights that I stayed there, trying to get everything right.”

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Those hard sleepless nights apparently paid off. 

Ensminger’s first game calling the Tiger offense, LSU set all type of school records amassing 634 yards of total offense against Missouri in a convincing 42-7 conference win against Missouri, including a new school record for rushing with 418 yards the most since 1976. 

Winning games was something also accomplished with Orgeron and Ensminger combination going 5-2 with the only two losses being against the two teams that played for the SEC Championship. 

Ensminger caused laughter a couple of times during his first and last press conference, once about the controversy at Louisville about coaching leaks and the other about him doing press conference. 

“I've told Michael [Bonnette] since they gave me this darn job, I'm not doing media interviews and he keeps pushing me and making me do it. So this is my last one.” a smiling Ensminger said.

The other laughter came when the veteran coach was asked about information being leaked on coaching game plans.  

“I don't have a damn clue what you're talking about. I don't get on a computer,” Ensminger said. “My assistant right over there, she does all my stuff, so she protects it but I don't do none of that.”

It’s obvious as a former player and coach for LSU, Ensminger wants the best for the Tiger Football program, he feels that Coach O as he referred to Coach Orgeron as, is definitely the right man for the job.

“I know he's the right man for the job,” Ensminger said. “I saw him talk to the team. I saw him in meetings every day trying to get this team together. I saw him take our practice schedule and change it, and it change for the better. I see how he treats the players, and how these players play for him. It was easy to see he was the man for this job.”

Many feel that the LSU Tigers got one of their own in Coach Orgeron as head coach, they also definitely have one of their own in Coach Ensminger. He even sounds a little like he belongs in Louisiana. 

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