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LSU post-Citrus Bowl win press conference transcript

Here's everything Ed Orgeron, Tre'Davious White and Derrius Guice had to say after LSU's Citrus Bowl win over Louisville.

LSU Head Coach Ed Orgeron, Sophomore RB Derrius Guice (MVP) and Senior CB Tre’Davious White

Q: I wanted to ask you, 139 yards, one on the ground, one in the air. What a day. Thoughts on your performance.

DERRIUS GUICE: Well, the coaches did a great job preparing us for this game. The whole team, we were disappointed with our season in that we didn't make the playoffs, but we had to look who we were facing in the bowl game, and that really made us fired up, because we were going against the Heisman trophy winner. So as you can see today, the defense played a heck of a game and, you know, shut them down. With me, Coach O and the offense and Coach [Jabbar] Juluke did a great job of getting all of us ready. The O-line did a great job, the fullback. Danny [Etling] did a great job with the pass game to open up the running lanes, and everything just executed the way we planned. We came out victorious.

Q: Tre'Davious, game plan fully executed today? Could you ask for anything more?

TRE'DAVIUS WHITE: I mean, they didn't show us anything that we hadn't seen on film, so we were really prepared for it. Coach [Dave] Aranda does a great job of making sure we watch plenty of film and just be able to execute the defense, and we were able to capitalize on some big stops, and we were able to stop them early to get them backed up.

Q: Coach, they made opening remarks, and they said you did a great job, and it went just according to plan. What are your thoughts about it?

ED ORGERON: You got great players. Let them play, right? Awfully excited about our football team, the way they bought into one team, one heartbeat. We're like that right now and I'm so proud of them. They played tremendously today against a great Louisville football team, a great job by our staff of coming on the road, preparing our guys to play like we did today. It was a dominating performance.

Q. Coach, you had played against Coach Petrino before but what was it like today playing against him with Louisville?

ED ORGERON: It was very challenging. It was very challenging. We watched all week, all last three weeks, the dominant performance that they've done on offense and what a great player and Dave Aranda answered the call. So did Pete Jenkins, Corey Raymond, and Dennis Johnson. I thought those guys did a tremendous job. DBs covered those guys. We didn't give up big plays. Just a tremendous game play.

Q. Derrius, what did you see on that one handed catch? From Malachi Dupre, what was your reaction with that one handed catch and then how did that kind of open up the running game for you?

DERRIUS GUICE: Well, in the process of him doing that, I was flipping somebody, so I couldn't really see the whole thing. But when I saw the replay, I was like that's the Malachi Dupre I know. Like I said, Danny [Etling] did a great job executing the plays and getting the passes there. The receivers did a great job keeping the drives going. The lineman had great protection as long as with me too. And we just did a great job of preparing for them and getting everything opened up.

Q. Two questions for you, Tre'Davious. One, how important was it to keep them out of the end zone? Not letting them score a touchdown. And, two, what type of dancer is Coach Orgeron? You're a senior so you can say anything you want. You're leaving.

TRE'DAVIUS WHITE: Our defense prides ourselves keeping people out of the end zone. From the Texas A&M game we didn't have the best second half, so we challenged ourselves. That was a whole month of preparation of a bad taste in our mouth about the second half of the Texas A&M game. So we just pride ourselves on keeping our guys on the out of the end zone. And on defense, our motto is bend, but don't break. If they get down in the red zone, just don't let them get in the end zone. So we did a great job of that. As far as Coach O dancing, I mean, he's one of the best.

DERRIUS GUICE: Make sure you all get out of his way.

Q. Ed, take us inside the defensive game plan a little bit. It seemed like you guys blitzed a little more than you did during the season. Was there were some stunts and things like that. What did you do to try to confuse their offense?

ED ORGERON: Well, it was a tremendous job by Dave [Aranda]. Really, we didn't blitz much in the season. Actually, played two defenses. When you give a guy like Petrino three weeks and an offense like Louisville has, if you line up in the same thing they have been practicing, they're probably having success so I thought it was very brilliant on Dave's part to mix it up. Give them a different line up in something but play something else. We did it all game. He was one step ahead.

Q. You said in the offseason the No. 1 priority was to resign Dave Aranda to a contract. Can you share some more things about the preparation defensively? Did Lindsey Scott do a good job getting you guys ready?

ED ORGERON: Yes, he did. Lindsey [Scott] is going to be a tremendous player for us. He's a dual-threat quarterback, does a great job, very smart. Dave [Aranda], when you give Dave three weeks to prepare, he's going to prepare. I remember we had off on the Christmas break. We practiced Thursday morning. The coaches got off around noon. And we came back to work on Monday at 11 a.m., and he had a notebook full on Louisville, and I can just tell by the way he was talking that he had a good feel of Louisville's offense over Christmas holidays.

Q. The offense was obviously rolling today. Did you have a feeling it was going to be like that when Danny Etling, first play of the game, bombs it down the sideline. A complete pass looked really nice. Did you have a good feeling it's going to be a good offensive day?

ED ORGERON: We thought that we were better than they were with our wide receivers versus their DBs. We liked the matchup that we had. We knew they were going to be very physical up front, and they were good up front, but we took advantage of some mismatches in the secondary.

Q. Coach, can you talk about what this means for you personally after the way that this year was, how this came about for you? What are you feeling right now?

ED ORGERON: I'm happy for the team. I'm happy for the Tiger family. This is never going to be about me. Interim coach, full-time coach, it doesn't matter. I'm just happy to be in the role to be able to serve. It's an honor to be a head coach at LSU. We look forward to building a championship program here. We've got work to do. We look forward to going to the recruiting trail, sending the seniors out, get them ready for the combine, and do the things that championship programs do.

Q. Coach, whether it was you or Danny [Aranda] or Derrius [Guice] stepping into new roles this season, what does that say about seizing the opportunity when it comes your way?

ED ORGERON: I think that's a good point. We believed in what we were doing. We had a system, and we had guys that were waiting in the forefront, waiting in the background. You look at a guy like Derrius Guice. I want you to think about this guy, what he's done for the team this year and the way he runs the football. We had probably one of the best players in college football, Leonard Fournette, get hurt. He stepped in and didn't blink an eye. He's one of the best players in America. I totally expect him to be the best player in America next year. We're fortunate to have him.

Q. Tre'Davious, talk about going out like this with a big bowl win for you, coming back your senior season. What is this like for you, man?

TRE'DAVIUS WHITE: The best feeling ever. Like I said before, coming back was the best decision I ever made in my life. I was able to get a degree, get a lot of accolades that I set myself -- I set goals for, and I got them. I wanted to go out a winner. Like I said earlier this week, I wanted to go out a winner. I feel like the way that Coach O prepares us and the way he cares about the players, it's next to none. I'm happy he got the job, and I was happy that I was able to go out on a win and get the ball rolling for these guys going into spring.

Q. Questions for each of the players. For Derrius, the first official game for Coach Orgeron as the head coach, how about this is just a springboard into the next generation for LSU football. And then for Tre'Davius, Arden Key in the game, what he had today and what he's about. Derrius?

DERRIUS GUICE: Well, again, like Tre'Davius, I'm happy Coach O was hired and got the job. And he just gives us a lot of energy. He makes sure everyone is running around, so we're very conditioned and you just keep us pumped up ready to kill everybody that we go against, every day, 24-7. I saw a picture earlier where he drank like three Monsters and he's just always ready to go and he's just a guy that you need around, that's always got energy. He's more involved than a lot of head coaches are, which makes it better for the players. And just coming off with him getting the head coaching job and winning a bowl like this, this means a lot, not only for us but for him as well and can't wait for next year.

TRE'DAVIUS WHITE: A lot of people know this. Arden is probably the best pass rusher in college football. We are very fortunate to have him. As far as defensive backs, whenever we mess up on a coverage or anything, he's there to back us, get us out of there. That's a guy that has been reeking havoc for the first two years he's been here. I expect him next year to do the same thing. So I feel like he'll go down as one of the best defensive ends to play at LSU.

Q. For Tre'Davious, with [Kendell] Beckwith out and you guys facing a Heisman trophy winner like Lamar Jackson with a high-potent offense, what was the mindset of the defense going into this game and what do you guys do to prepare for someone of that caliber?

TRE'DAVIUS WHITE: Watch film. We watch film. And the schedule that Coach O has for us, we're in the film room way more than we were in the past and I feel like that helps us out as players because we get on the field and we're able to rep, rep, and not too many mistakes. So, I feel like with the schedule he has, that paid dividends for us and that was one of the reasons why we performed the way we did today.

Q. Coach O, this is for you. You know, looking forward, this is obviously a great win for you to springboard into next year but you have some kids that are on the fence about going to the NFL. Is this when you step up that recruiting and say, hey, we did this. We can do bigger things next year?

ED ORGERON: No question. There are a lot of guys that we look forward to speaking to on the plane and we're going to continue to recruit them. Some guys have made up their mind. I believe if a guy's a sure-fire first-round pick he's going to go. That's just the way it is in college football. But if he's a lower draft pick, we're going to recruit for him to come stay and earn more money by playing his senior year and be a high draft pick the next year.

Q. Can you talk about your day? That defense was really geared to stop you, wasn't much room, and then talk about your long touchdown run.

DERRIUS GUICE: As a running back, you've just got to be patient. You can't get upset. You can't get mad when things don't always go your way. You've just got to work with your linemen. You've got to go on the sideline after the drives and work with the coaches, get everything fixed. The main thing is just being patient. You can't look for the long touchdown run every play. You've got to find the holes. You've got to find the gaps. You've got to be patient, let everything set up, and then that's when it will come for you. So the first half they pretty much had me bottled up. Then the second half, just waited for things to set up and develop, and I was able to hit a long run. That's just how the game goes, but you've got to be patient and let things set up. You've got to trust your linemen.

Q. Along those lines, what kind of statement do you feel like you were able to make today, and even in the season-ending game as well?

DERRIUS GUICE: Well, LSU is RBU, so when one man goes down, you've got to step up, and I feel like I've done a great job of stepping up this year. The linemen did a great job of helping me step up. And Coach [Jabbar] Juluke does a great job. He's developed with me all year with the position drills we do, him always telling me, be patient, slow, too fast through the hole, and just me being able to set things up. I'm glad what we got next year. Next year is going to be great, and I'm glad we ended this year like this.

Q. This one for Tre'Davious. I know you already talked about how great of a feeling it was to play in your final game, but what did it mean to have that graduate patch on your jersey in your final game as an LSU tiger?

TRE'DAVIUS WHITE: Man, it means a lot. Being able to come from where I come from and to be able to get out of the situation I am, you know, how my neighborhood is, it was a big deal, man. I'm the first person in my family that graduated from a flagship school, so it was a big deal for me, and I wear the patch proud, and I don't take it lightly.

Q. Coach, a guy like Kendell Beckwith, he couldn't play today. His career is over. He's out there supporting his team mates, having a good time. I think Rickey Jefferson is kind of the same way. What kind of statement does that make?

ED ORGERON: Outstanding leadership. Outstanding. We have a saying, we're going to fight for our brothers and these guys have bonded as you family and a group of brothers and no matter what our role is, we're going to do our role to the best thing that we can. You can see that today. I was so proud of our football team. Kendell, obviously we missed him. Donnie Alexander stepped in and done a tremendous job. Rickey Jefferson is the emotional leader of our football team. Those guys have a bright future.

Q. What for you personally, what was a defining moment in the guy where you guys knew you had it in the bag?

ED ORGERON: Me? When the clock ran to zero. This offense and this explosive dynamic player. Again, the coaches, we were talking. Let's look at all the bowls and what happened. Guys up by significant amount at halftime and getting beat or almost getting beat. We had to play for 60 minutes.

Q. Coach, given what Matt Canada did with James Connor this year, what do you expect out of Derrius next season?

ED ORGERON: Have a great year. Be one of the best players in America. I think that Matt is going to bring an outstanding offense. I want to say this again and I'll say it over and over again. Steve Ensminger, being on offensive staff, did a tremendous job and thought he did an outstanding job again today. He's a great Tiger. He's a great offensive play caller. Matt is going to come in, and he's going to do some things on the offense that we feel like we need to do to get to the championship. He has a tremendous run game. And, obviously, Derrius is going to be a big part of it.

Q. All of you could answer this. I just want to know about the physical aspect of this game today, the number of you blows that were given and what you think that might have -- you know, of how it might have affected the outcome.

DERRIUS GUICE: Well, football is a physical sport, so if you can't take it, don't play.

TRE'DAVIUS WHITE: Well Coach O, he always says, be the most physical team on the field. That's the tradition that LSU -- hit him hard. Play fast and get to the ball, all 11 guys. And our defense does that. And, you know, even our receivers, when Derrius breaks free, man, those guys are happy to block. They're willing to block. So I feel like going forward, these guys have a very bright future, and I'm looking forward to watching them every Saturday -- every Saturday from wherever I may be.

Q. Relying on so many young linebackers today, how high is the ceiling for guys like Devin White within Dave Aranda's defense?

ED ORGERON: I think, under the tutelage of Dave Aranda, Devin White will be an outstanding football player. I thought he played great today. He's only a freshman. He's a big guy that can run. He needs to get better in his technique and assignments. Obviously, when you look at a guy like Kendell Beckwith, who I think is one of the better linebackers in the country, I would think that would be the benchmark for Devin White to reach or perhaps surpass.

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