Quoting South Carolina coach Lou Holtz

LSU head coach Nick Saban has called South Carolina head coach Lou Holtz the most entertaining coach in the Southeastern Conference. Known for downplaying his team's abilities, Holtz was at it againas he talked about his team, their lastest win over Kentucky and Saturday's game against LSU.

(on the Kentucky game)

"For three and a half quarters against Kentucky we played very well of defense. For the last five minutes, I am not sure what happened, but we did not play very well. On offense, we played pretty well. We played it rather conservative after we got a 27-7 lead."


(on forcing turnovers)

"We have not been able to get enough pressure on the quarterback and make him through it when he is not ready. We need to do that to force turnovers. He has had time to see the field and read the coverage when you don't pressure the passer. We have tried blitzes, but we are not a good blitzing team. Yet, we play pass defense and third down pretty well. Our underneath coverage has been very good, considering the amount of time they have had to throw against us."


(on injuries)

"I think John Strickland will be ready to play on Saturday though he cannot practice today except on a limited basis. It is very doubtful that Travelle Wharton or George Gause will be able to go, but you can always hope for a miracle. We'll have to see. It is Monday and a lot can happen between now and then."


(on playing top teams)

"We have to get over the hump and cause other teams to make mistakes against us while we play a 'perfect game'. Last year at LSU, we were ahead 14-3 then dropped a touchdown pass, had three defensive penalties to keep drives alive and they kicked a field goal right before the half. They gained 132 yards in the third quarter and we had minus-1."


(on LSU)

"LSU is very talented and well coached. Coach Saban has done a very good job there. They have had one of the nation's top-five recruiting classes each year. They have a great defensive football team that is ranked at the top of the SEC and No. 4 in the nation. They have a lot of talent and a great defensive scheme and will try to intimidate you. We will see a lot of pressure. I think they sacked Florida eight times. Offensively, we will have to be able to handle that."


(on LSU's offense)

"I think Matt Mauck is a great quarterback. He is 24 years of age and can run and throw. He is obviously very smart is near the top of the conference in pass efficiency. They have two great receivers. Michael Clayton may be the best receiver in the conference along with Fred Gibson at Georgia. Clayton is a great open field runner in addition to being a great receiver. He also plays very physical. Their other receiver, Devery Henderson, may be the fastest guy on their team. Those two give them a tremendous advantage. Their offensive line is big, strong and physical."

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