Tix for Pix: This week's games

With LSU beginning the stercth run toward the SEC Championship game, continue yours. <br><br> With the Tiger rag Tix for Pix contest really heating up on the back stretch of the 2003 season, don't miss your chance to get your picks in early. <br><br> Print out this week's games, circle your choice and mail them to us at: Tix for Pix, 263 Third Street, Fifth Floor, Baton Rouge, La., 70801. <br><br> Good luck!

Game Date: Nov. 8


1. Tennessee at Miami 


2. Virginia Tech at Pittsburgh 


3. Colorado State at New Mexico  


4. Texas A&M at Oklahoma   


5. Louisville at TCU (Wednesday, Nov. 5th)-


6. Texas at Oklahoma State


7. Missouri at Colorado


8. Wisconsin at Minnesota


9. Florida State at Clemson


10. Wake Forest at North Carolina


11. Temple at Syracuse


12. Illinois at Indiana


13. Michigan State at Ohio State


14. Tulane at UAB


15. Southern Miss at Houston


16. San Diego State at UNLV


17. California at Oregon


18. Alabama at Mississippi State


19. Ole Miss at Auburn

20. South Carolina at Arkansas

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