LA's #1 Player Checks out the Canes

Early Doucet is rated the #1 WR in the country. This weekend he took a trip to check out the Miami Hurricanes, and he has come back with a trimmed list of favorites.

"It was nice. I had a great time. It's pretty much down to Miami and LSU now. They are the leaders," Early Doucet said.

Did the Miami visit go as he had expected?

"I had already been there unofficially, so I knew what it was about. I took my sister and brother in law this time, and they were really focused on the academics. I just want to find a place that can give me something after football. If I get hurt or whatever, I need a career to fall back on."

What was the best part of his visit to Miami?

"Hanging out with the players was great. They're really good people. Everything was good about the visit. Just being in Miami. I mean, who wouldn't want to be in Miami? I would give the whole thing a 9."

I asked Early to compare the pros and cons among LSU and Miami.

"They are pretty much the same athletically and academically. The only thing is Miami is far away from home. The temptation there is really strong with the big city. That's all on me though. I'm the one who makes the choices, and I'm the one who has to play football and graduate. That's about it."

How does he feel about the 2 coaches that are recruiting him for his leaders?

"Coach Johnson (Miami) is from New Orleans, so we have that connection even though he coaches some place else. We will always have that bond if was to go to Miami. With Coach Dooley (LSU), he's just a people person. He can talk to anyone no matter their background."

Early will make a decision some time after his LSU visit on the 16th of January.

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