SUGAR BOWL: Kyle Williams Q&A

LSU's starting defensive tackle offers feedback on game prep for Oklahoma.

How does the team like the turf in the Dome?

"There are not many problems. It is a lot like the Georgia Dome. It's not like Ole Miss; Ole Miss had a thicker, rubbier kind of field. This turf is shaved a lot closer to the ground. There hasn't been any problems in practice and I don't expect there to be any problems on game day."

What was the story with the OU practice delay?

"We were just ready to get to practice. When we get out to practice we're ready to go. The delay put us out a little while, but as long as we got our work done, I'm fine. We were all like 'Coach Saban has got to be mad."

What is the progression of game plan installation?

"We're just getting ready to play our best game of the year. I think that this is what it will take to beat this team. You want to play your best game of the year in the National Championship. We say that we are getting ready to play against our best players that we've gone against all year. Hopefully, they are thinking that about us because we are not too bad ourselves. We are just getting after it and practice and staying on our assignments and practicing hard and fast to get ready for it."

Any particular points of emphasis in trying to stop OU offense?

"Not really. We're just going to try and go out there and play hard. We have our different defenses for different teams. We're going to play our defense and go out there and play hard and get after it."

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