SUGAR BOWL:Talking with LSU's stoppers

NEW ORLEANS—As the nation's stingiest defense prepares to play one of the nation's best offense for the National Championship on Sunday night, several LSU players sat down to speak to the media Thursday afternoon.

Cornerback Corey Webster


As game day approaches, talk about your team's preparations.


"It's been a long wait for us. We had a lot of practices in Baton Rouge and now here. It has just been a very long wait. We're ready to play someone else besides our offense. The preparations have been going good; we've had really good practices. We're just ready to play someone else besides ourselves."


What problems does Oklahoma present offensively?


"I wouldn't call it problems. We just have to prepare for everything that they are going to run. Most teams you only have a week to prepare for. They have had a couple of weeks to prepare for us just like we have for them. We have to look at a lot of things that they can do so we have to make sure that our fundamentals are down."


Talk about the coaching staff preparing you for your opponent


"The coaches are up all night. They really break it down and when we get into the game we sometimes know exactly what the opposing team will do just because of what we heard and learned in practice."


Will you be matched up with Mark Clayton throughout the game?


"We don't know yet. Travis Daniels and I have been playing right corner and left corner. We haven't been switching anything up to try and follow Clayton."




Linebacker Lionel Turner


Does this defense play better together than last year's defense?


"We all gelled together this year. We are all on the same page. As long as you are all on the same page and everyone is getting things done together, you can be an outstanding defense. That is one of things that we set out to do early in the spring."


Talk about the coaching staff preparing you for your opponent?


"Coach Muschamp and Saban do a great job getting us prepared. They break down film, especially Coach Saban and they say what if they do this, what if they do that. We practice against that even if they do not do that. The fact that we get that preparation helps us out a lot going into the game."


While the OU passing attack has received much of the accolades offensively this season, talk about how important it is to stop the running game of the Sooners.


"That's important in every game. If you can stop the rushing attack of a team and make it a one dimensional game, that could be do your advantage. You can do more things if you stop the run. That is just one of the things we are going to try and do, stop the run and then we are going to be able to mix different things up for the pass."




Defensive End Marcus Spears


Talk about the Sooners


"They have an excellent running game, but they are just balanced throughout offensively. Without having that balance, they would have not been able to do what they've done this season. You know that they have those threats out there in the passing game with the great quarterback, but they will run it on you. You can't get into a mold where they lull you asleep with the pass and hit you with a big run. You just have to play discipline ball and know that anything can come at you any play."


Talk about the coaching staff preparing you for your opponent?


"I think being a defensive player at LSU you have an advantage so big because Coach Saban spends a lot of time with us and Coach Muschamp just knows everything you need to know about the other team. I've seen their cars outside the office and 12:30-1:00 in the morning and I know that it was nothing but preparation and when we get in the game we see these offensive sets and we know what these teams are doing and it is kind of like we've seen this in practice all week. You kind of have an idea of what is going on so I think the way Coach Muschamp prepares us for a game is second to none."




Safety Jack Hunt


This team is undefeated when you are in the starting lineup, talk about your role on the defense.


"Guys just get comfortable with certain people in the game. Even though the guy who replaced you may know the stuff as much as you, they just don't feel the same comfort level and they always are trying to cover for someone here and there. They don't always trust everyone and play their responsibilities. I felt some of that last year. Everyone knows what to do on defense, everyone is executing well and I think if we just go out there and execute our game plan we'll be fine."

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