SUGAR BOWL:OU offense bouncing back

NEW ORLEANS — Looking to bounce back from an embarrassing 35-7 loss in the Big XII Championship Game against Kansas State, several OU offensive players spoke to the media Thursday afternoon.

Wide Receiver Mark Clayton


Any doubt that your team will be ready when game time comes?


"How could you not be ready? This is what you work for, this is what you start the season off on your goals list and you work hard to try and get here. We're going to come out here and do our best."


What are your impressions of the LSU defense?


"They're a good defense. If we can execute our offense like we've done all season, we'll play well."


How do you stack up against Michael Clayton?


"Obviously he is a lot taller. He's a great receiver. I got to watch a couple of his games and he's a great player. I appreciate the things he does well."


What does Michael Clayton do well in your opinion?


"He uses his body to position himself really well. He goes up and gets the ball."




Running Back Renaldo Works


While the OU passing attack has received much of the accolades this season, talk about how important the running game is to the success of the offense?


"I think that they are both important. The running game compliments the passing game and the passing game compliments the running game. If you're passing the ball and passing it well, it will open up the running game and that will spread the defense out and you will be more efficient."


How important is your role in trying to slow down the blitzing style LSU defense?


"All of our running backs in general we have to pick up the blitzes. I'll be ready for whoever they bring and just take them on."


Who would you compare the LSU defense in your list of opponents already this season?


"I would say a lot of them. A lot of the teams we have played have size and speed. I think that this club is more like an Alabama type team."




Center Vince Carter


Being the leader of the offensive line, what kind of adjustments will you have to make throughout the game to try and combat the attacking LSU defense?


"This week because we are not playing at home, we are going to have to go on silent counts. Most of the time I am going to have to rely on my guards to make calls for me because I will be looking for the signal from the quarterback to pass the ball. Before I get down into my stance I am going to try and get a pre-snap read. Probably the biggest key to being successful against their defense is just recognizing where the blitzes are coming from. Whatever formation we are in there will always be a key to let us know where the blitz is coming from. From watching tape, a lot of teams that have played LSU haven't' done a good job of that. We're confident in our maturity level and our knowledge of the game and our coaches' knowledge of the tam that they will put us in great situations for us to be successful."


A lot of people compare LSU's defense with Oklahoma's defense. Going up against a defense like OU every day in practice, has that helped you prepare for LSU?


"Yes it has helped us a lot. I can only think of one blitz or a variation of a blitz that they do that our defense doesn't. Going against our defense in two-a-days and spring ball, it's like looking into a mirror almost. That's really helped us a lot."


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