New home or old home for Watkins?

Big offensive lineman prospect Jason Watkins of Lakeland, Fla., is a Louisiana native but obviously has made ties in his new home state.<br><br>He just returned from his trip to Gainesville and has narrowed his choices down to two teams.

Watkins (6-7, 287) has been to Oklahoma, Michigan State and Auburn, but ranked his visit to Florida as the best yet

"They don't even compare," he said. "I feel so at home at Florida. Everyone is so down to earth. Carlton Medder was my host and he showed me a good time. And man there are a lot of pretty girls at Florida. I also like the coaches. Coach (Joe) Wickline is crazy, man, but he's very cool. Florida is at the top and it will probably be them or LSU."

Watkins will take his fifth and final visit to LSU next weekend. He was an all-state selection as a senior, playing tight end and offensive tackle. He played all-star basketball with Derron Thomas and Vegas Franklin when he lived in LaPlace.

"LSU is after me big time and I have family there," Watkins said. "But I also have family here. Florida's tight."

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