Q&A with Josh Reed

LSU wide receiver Josh Reed talked with reporters following his recording setting performance against Alabama. PLUS - Nov. 6 practice update

Q: How have you and Rohan Davey established such good chemistry on the field?

A: I guess it comes from practicing during the week. He doesn't go out there and looks to throw to one person. We takes pretty much what the defense gives us, making reads. He just goes from there.

Q: How much has the emergence of Michael Clayton helped you?

A: That's helped us a lot. Teams can't focus in on trying to stop the run or double-teaming a certain player. They have to watch both sides of the field as well as the backfield. That really takes a lot of pressure of off everybody.

Q: Did you know all week that Jimbo Fisher and Nick Saban were going to let it loose, get aggressive?

A: That was something I just found out on Saturday. (Saban) doesn't say whether we're going to run or pass. He always likes to run the ball, of course, to establish the line of scrimmage. We saw some things that they were doing in the secondary and tried to expose it.

Q: You guys ran the bubble screen over and over. Why was it so effective?

A:  Coach (Fisher) said we were going to do what works, and it was working. We have a play designed when we can't run the bubble screen, we can check to something else. (Alabama) just kept getting in the defense we were running it on, so (Fisher) kept going with it.

Q: Could you tell early that Rohan was on and it was going to be a fun game?

A: Definitely, yes. You always want to go out there and get that first contact so all the jitters will be gone. After we scored on our first drive, we felt like we had some momentum and we things just started to flow.

Q: When you caught the long pass and fumbled it, what were your thoughts right after?

A: The good thing about my teammates is that as soon as I came off the sideline – even Coach Saban – told me to pick my head up because that play was over. I almost got down but they didn't let me. I figured I'd get them back.

Q: Your teammates always kid you about being caught from behind.

A: Yeah. I told them next time I'd just have to get caught because every time I get caught, I still have the ball at least.

Q: You guys had a rough go of it against Ole Miss. How much did that affect the way you came out so strong against Alabama?

A: Whether we would have won against Ole Miss or not, you put that game behind you. We learned that whatever team we're playing, they won't play down – no matter what their record is or where we're playing. It's going to be a fight no matter where you're playing. I think we learned a valuable lesson (against Ole Miss).

Q: How different is this year's offensive playbook compared to last year's? Is there a lot more new stuff Jimbo's put in this year?

A: He puts in some new stuff as the week goes on, but he also has a lot of of stuff we haven't shown much yet.

Q: You had a good offense last year. How much more advanced are you this year?

A: Last year being the first year, it was something new we had to learn. This year I think the maturity of the team, as far as learning everything and feeling comfortable with what we do, has grown a whole lot.

Q: What do you think of Coach Fisher as an offensive coordinator?

A: I think he's a mastermind. He has so many things that he gives us as far as offense. I think he's amazing.

Q: Coach Saban talked about the need for you guys to play consistently. You've shown you can play well but just no consistently. What's the key to stringing together two big performances?

A: You can't look back at this game (Alabama). It's over. We just have to go in, have another week of practice and stay focused. We know that this week won't be an easy game. If we go in and do the things we like we have, we'll have the success we had in the past.

Q: Have you thought about the possibility of leaving after this season to go to the NFL?

A: I'm not really even thinking about that right now. It's a bridge I'll cross when I get to it.

TUESDAY PRACTICE UPDATE: Running back/defensive back/returner Domanick Davis was not at Tuesday's practice following a leg injury he re-aggravated against Alabama. Defensive lineman Kenderick Allen was in attendance but was using crutches (very casually) on the sidelines and had a heavy wrap and brace on his right knee. Running back Devery Henderson (ankle) was also held out of practice.

Reserve running back Elice Parker and safety Ryan Clark practiced in no-contact jerseys, while safety Lionel Thomas, who missed the Alabama game, practiced at full speed on Tuesday.

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