Lloreda will not return to court for LSU

The LSU basketball office late Tuesday night received a fax containing the following statement from LSU player Jaime Lloreda: <br><br> "I met with Dr. John Uribe of the UHZ Sports Medicine Institute in Coral Gables, Florida (Monday). Dr. Uribe has treated numerous athletes, including Willis McGahee of the Buffalo Bills and Jamal Mashburn of the New Orleans Hornets. Dr. Uribe examined my left foot and evaluated my condition.

"I have been diagnosed with plantar fasciitis. The good news is that is unlikely to require surgery and there should not be any long-term problem with my foot that would restrict my ability to perform on the basketball court. The bad news, however, is that, based on the recommendations I have received, my recovery and rehabilitation will not permit me to rejoin the team this season.


"I want to thank my teammates and coaches at LSU for all of their support over these past 2 seasons. I will be cheering for them in the weeks ahead. I also want to thank the university and our fans.


Coach John Brady had this response to the fax:


"I received this fax from Jaime late Tuesday evening after talking with his high school coach who has known Jaime, and helped and supported him throughout the years. Again, I appreciate the time Jaime was here and what he helped accomplish with our team. When our team was healthy, we were playing as well as anyone in the league.


"This is a situation I have never experienced before and it is unfortunate we have had to endure this. But we are extremely excited about the play of our present young team and are looking forward to their continued growth and development."

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