Random Thoughts: LSU vs. Ole Miss

It wasn't the prettiest of games, but LSU's 4-game losing streak came to a halt last Wednesday with a 58-45 win over the Ole Miss Rebels. <br><br> Check out Editor Matt Deville's recount of the game from press row.


It's senior night, sort of. With Jaime Lloreda's career at LSU officially, over, the Tigers honored its lone senior Charlie Thompson at midcourt before tipoff. Thompson, a four-year player and crowd favorite was joined by his moth, father and 10 brother and sisters. They were met with thunderous applause from the couple of thousands fans who were in the building 15 minutes before the game… This will be LSU's final home game this season. Both LSU and Ole Miss have lost four games in a row…. The Rebels are 5-0 against Louisiana teams this year having already defeated Southeastern, UL-Monroe, Centenary, Nicholls State and LSU…. The Rebels have lost 19 of their last 21 road games in the SEC, are winless away from home this year and logged only two road games in conference last season in Baton Rouge and at Arkansas…. As teams are introduced, it's a rather putrid crowd on hand…. Coach John Brady has broken tradition and started a senior, non-starter, Charlie Thompson introduced as the starting point guard, to the delight of the fans in attendance.


1st Half

LSU controls the tip, to Thompson…. Mitchell's offering rims out off the glass…. Brandon Bass blocks Tommie Eddie's shot, but fouls on the second attempt…. Eddie quite a porker, someone yells, "somebody get that guy a hamburger"…. Eddie make one of two, 1-0 OM…. LSU 0-for-2, with a Darnell Lazare brick…. Thompson good hustle on a rebound, LSU controls… Bass tagged with a traveling call, negates a nice play in the paint….. Sloppy, sloppy play, 1-0, 17:43, ball is bouncing everywhere…. Todd Abernathy gives OM a 3-0 lead, 17:20, with a reverse layup…. Lazare bricks a hook shot, still no points…. Justin Reed from the top of the key, Ole Miss 5-0, 16:29…. LSU nees to find some offense… Typical Rod Barnes team, tough on defense… Hudson finds kind iron, 5-2, 16:07…. Aaron Harper gets a gift under the goal on a blocked shot by Bass, throws it up and fouled by Mitchell, basket good… AND 1.

Official timeout, 8-2 Rebels, 15:42.


Turnover Lazare out of the timeout, LSU very sloppy on the offensive end…. Harper on the putback, it's already getting ugly, OM 10-2…. Whipple, five-second violation, another turnover…. Harper with an NBA-range three-pointer, now 13-2 OM…. Whipple makes its 13-4, Tigers need to find more rhythm on offensive end, no concept of offense, no one is moving…. Neltner in for Lazare, 13:22… Hudson clangs a three attempt, no one there to rebound…. Bass with a dunk off pass from Whipple, it's about time, 13-6 OM…. Bass nice "D" on Reed, forces him out of bounds…. This game might make it into the 30s sometime…. Harper with a hot-hand, a shot over Whipple is good, 15-6 Rebels.

Official timeout, 15-6 Ole Miss, 11:36.


Bass' fadeaway rims out, Neltner can't get the rebound… Reed draws no iron, Koundjia with a nice board…. This game is just plain offensive, literally…. Minor leads the break too fast, spins out of control and has it knocked out of bounds, Koundjia was wide open…. That's right folks, at the 9:51 mark, LSU has six points…. OM 15-6…. Ed Glass makes it 17-6, not real good right now, matter of fact, pretty bad…. Minor can't score in the lane, nor can Neltner, back Ole Miss' way…. Finally a break for the Tigers, Reed knocks it the wrong way for a backcourt violation…. LSU has four freshmen and a sophomore…. Koundjia fouled hard on a dunk attempt, misses both free throws…. Lazare comes away with nothing in the paint, Tack turns it over, then Reed travels on a bricked dunk, there is no offense in this game, I mean, 40 points (combined) for these two teams would be a high-scoring affair.

Official timeout, 17-6 Rebels, 7:51.


Mitchell takes first shot of the game, and it goes… IN!!!!!…. 17-8 OM, 7:00…. Mitchell gets hammered on a trey attempt, no call… Hudson's jumper in and out, that ball can't make up its' mind where it wants to go!!… Fast break, Mitchell wide open three, too strong…. Too bad.

Timeout Rebels, 17-8 OM, 5:17.


Who would pay to see this game?…. Reed just plowed through Mitchell, obvious charging foul not called…. Oh well, like it matters anyway… Minor on a layup, DOUBLE DIGITS now, OM 17-10, 4:35…. Neltner draws a nice charging foul, it goes the other way, Reed knocked him hard to the ground…. Not real sure what offense Tigers are running, but very cluttered, Hudson just returns the charging foul favor…. Ole Miss has scored two points in the last eight minutes.

Official timeout, 17-10 OM, 3:41.


Nice blocked shot Neltner on Reed, this guy is toughening up…. Mitchell trying too hard, that was an ugly shot…. Bass fouled hard under the goal by Reed, headed to the line, 2:22, misses both free throws… Glass drills a jumper over Mitchell, 19-10 OM…. Mitchell another brick, not pretty at all…. Mitchell makes up for it though, draws a charge from Glass…. Neltner misses a chance for a garbage basket… Minor in for Mitchell, 1:04…. Ole Miss connects down the stretch on a couple…. Tims up in the first 20 minutes and LSU has 10, that's right, 10 points.

Half - Ole Miss 21, LSU 10



To look at the positives of this game, at least LSU is only trailing by 11. The Tigers are a staggering 5-of-24 in the first half (20-percent). Not pretty…



2nd Half:

Bass with a blocked shot on Reed to open the half, Whipple runs the length of the floor for a layup, Whipple now LSU's leading scorer with four points…. That's a technical foul on Harper… Mitchell makes one of two from the charity stripe, Ole Miss up 21-13, 19:04…. Mitchell misses reverse layup, should have been goal tending on Reed…. Abernathy drains a three-pointer at the shot-clock buzzer, ruined a great defensive possession for Tigers, OM 24-13…. Hudson throws up a prayer to save shot-clock violation, not even close…. OMIGOSH, a 5-9 Mitchell flies over Bam Doyne and blocks the 6-4 guards layup attempt, that kid has major HOPS…. Reed goes glass, a 26-13 Ole Miss lead… Whipple cornered and forced to call timeout.

Timeout LSU, 26-16 Ole Miss, 15:45.


Lazare bangs a finger roll in, OM 26-15… Hudson stumbles and Harper gets an open three, Rebels up 29-15.

Official timeout, 29-15 Rebels, 14:31.


Abernathy runs a break out of the timeout, turns an ankle but dishes to Marvin Moore, who makes a layup and gets fouled, but misses the free throw, OM 31-15…. Bass on a jumper from the corner 31-17, 14:05… Reed answers with a bucket, 33-17…. Lazare takes it from Mitchell and cradles home a layup, draws the body from Reed, and coverts the three-point play, first time LSU has scored on consecutive possessions, 33-20 OM…. A Mad scramble for the ball, Mitchell ties it up, possession arrow goes to LSU…. 12:48…. Mitchell misses a layup, Whipple follows suit, but Bass gets the rebound and draws the foul…. Made one of two free throws, 33-21, OM… Minor fouled on a fast break, headed into the Bonus… Minor to the line, but bricks the front end…. Harper fouled by Koundjia, Harper bounces both home.

Official timeout, 35-21 Ole Miss, 11:55.


Bass makes a nice move through a double-team, fouled hard, but misses the layup… Bass makes both free throws, 35-23… Mitchell called for blocking, but it could have went either way…. 11:28… Minor goes coast to coast on a weaving layup, it's down to 10 35-25, crowd gets excited… Defensive stop, Bass gets a tip in, it's now eight, 35-27, an offensive explosion (sarcasm)!!!!…. Abernathy on the layup, Mitchell draws a charge but no call… 37-27, 9:46…. Mitchell off the glass on assist from Neltner.

Timeout Ole Miss, 37-29 Rebs, 9:18.


Good defense on Reed, Minor with the steal and he actually PASSED THE BALL… Mitchell fouled hard on the fast break, and makes both of the free throws, now a six-point game, 37-31 Rebs…. Abernathy throws it away over Reed's head… LSU tough on defense… Minor on the finesse layup in traffic, 37-33 OM, Tigers on the comeback.

Official timeout, 37-33 Rebels, 7:56.


Doyne comes out the timeout with a touch-shot, 39-33 Rebels…. Neltner too hasty and throws it away into the backcourt, Brady shakes his head…. 6:50…. Reed tosses it into the scorer's table, LSU's ball, the Tigers need a three in the worst way…. Bass strong to hole off pass from Neltner, it's five, 39-35 OM…. Rebels break the press, a wide open Harper buries a trey, 42-35 Rebs…. Minor hits LSU's first three-pointer, 5:42, 42-38… Ole Miss then turns it over, LSU can get it to one right now…. Mitchell fouled away from the ball, now in the super-bonus, shooting two… Mitchell makes them both, 42-40, OM…. Koundjia thrown to the gorund, no call, but bumps Harper and he's tagged with a personal… Mitchell ties the game at 42 with a coast to coast layup, 4:47…. This place now rocking….. Reed has it batted away and turns it over, 4:27, LSU can now take the lead.

Timeout LSU, Tied 42-42, 4:23.


Mitchell hits a three out of the timeout, LSU finally leads 45-42, 3:50, a very, very, very BIG shot…. Harper then travels with the basketball.

Official timeout, 45-42 LSU, 3:43.


Mitchell bounces ball off Bass' hands in the paint on the initial possession after final official timeout… Abernathy buries a three to re-tie the score at 45…. Neltner hits first career three-pointer for a 48-45 LSU lead, 2:35…. Koundjia gets the steal, goes coast to coast and rolls a prayer of a layup in with the foul, 50-45, 2:05…. Koundjia misses the free throw, but gets a very scrappy rebound and calls timeout.

Timeout LSU, 50-45 LSU, 2:01.


Neltner on a touch shot in the paint on assist from Minor, LSU by seven points, 52-45, 1:29….. Bass on a volleyball spike of a blocked shot… Bass receives full court pass from Mitchell, lays it in and fouled hard, INTENTIONAL! INTENTIONAL!… Bass at the line, makes one of two…. LSU with the ball, 1:17…..Minor fouled and at the line, :53.8, and misses them both… AIRBALL by Reed and Harper called for fifth personal foul, finishes with 20 points…. Koundjia makes one of two free throws, 56-45 LSU… This one is OVER. The streak looks to be coming to an end… Minor drives to hole for a layup, 58-45…. Finally, Thompson checks into the game to a standing ovation!!!.. Thompson heaves a long shot at the buzzer, but it clangs off the backboard… Good Luck Charlie! That's the game….


LSU 58, Ole Miss 45

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