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Editor's Note: Get ready for a series of articles analyzing the LSU Tigers by position. The series should begin tomorrow and run through the end of next week. <br><br> The LSU Tigers took the field Monday at the Charles McClendon Practice Facility under rather angry looking Baton Rouge skies.

Head coach Nick Saban had debated on moving drills inside, but after hard early afternoon showers, the rain subsided just in time for LSU's 3 p.m. workout. In a rather fiery mood, Saban shouted orders through the early stages of workouts, most especially on the defensive end of the field.


"You can't clap three times after you hear that horn," Saban barked after the horn sounded after the second period.


Due to splotchy rain showers and a rather soggy field, their was little observe besides trying to avoid random mud puddles. However so observations included wide receiver Amp Hill not being dressed. The redshirt freshman was limping more noticeably than usual. But he may have been held out of drills due to the slick field.


The quarterback race is the hottest topic these days but little report besides the fact it appears Marcus Randall still has his grasp on the No. 1 spot. If judgment had to be passed on the two freshman, it looks as if Matt Flynn has gained the most ground on Randall, more so than JaMarcus Russell. However, Russell still seems to be the assumed No. 2 quarterback with Flynn running a very tight third.


Flynn's mobility is good and his new delivery gives him a much more fluid release. Flynn has almost like a Rohan Davey type touch on the ball, but sustains adequate zip on his passes. Russell's footwork is vastly improved from last Fall and he still possess the cannon he brought with him last August.


Alley Broussard and Dominic Cooper were still sporting red jerseys on Monday. The running back position, which includes Broussard, could be the deepest bunch in the league. Broussard has slimmed down a bit from 235 to about 220. Justin Vincent seems to carry an heir about himself that he is the one to beat. He is showing little concern about anyone taking his starting spot. This kid will be an all-SEC player next year. Who knows what he can do as a junior – or even a senior? Barrington Edwards looks to have trimmed up and really hit the weights. He has Adrian Mayes-like arms – very ripped up.


Taking a quick peek at the trenches, from what we could gather the starting offensive line seems to consist of (from left to right) Andrew Whitworth, Terrell McGill, Ben Wilkerson, Rudy Niswanger and Nate Livings. On the defensive front, it's Melvin Oliver and Marcus Spears on the ends with Kyle Williams and Brandon Washington as the down tackles. Watch newcomer Claude Wroten to possibly ascend into Washington's spot, the hole left vacated by Chad Lavalais.


More to come after Wednesday's workout.



Spring Photo Gallery:

Photos by M. Jason Brown


Marcus Randall


Matt Flynn


JaMarcus Russell


Skyler Green



Quoting Saban:


"I'm really pleased with the progress that we have made to this point. I really think practicing on Friday, Saturday and today kind of got us in football shape. We are starting to look like what we ought to look like as a football team.


"The main thing that I harp on with the players is consistency. It seems like we have a lot of ups and downs out there, individually and collectively as groups. A guy will practice really well one day and not quite as good the next. The offense will run the ball extremely well in one practice and not be able to run it the next. The defense will play pretty well one practice and not very well the next. So, there is a lot of maturity that we need to do to develop the consistency to go out and compete and play well and execute everyday and every practice."


"The offensive line and running backs have been a couple of the good areas for us in spring practice so far. I really like the way the offensive line is shaping up. I've been very pleased with the way some of the younger guys have showed a lot of promise."


"We had our best day throwing the ball today and today was a difficult day to throw it. It was windy and it was wet, but we still did a good job in the passing game."

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