Georgia OT Scott setting up LSU visit

Chris Scott is one of the top offensive tackles in the South and the 6-5, 316-pounder is in the early stages of setting up an official visit to check out LSU .

"I talked to coach Muschamp the other day and we are getting everything straight for a visit sometime during the season," Scott told Tiger Rag.

While Scott has never been to Baton Rouge he has heard a lot about the city and the support the Tigers get from the local community, and the entire state for that matter. That support is something that has made quite an impression on the Peach State prospect.

"I heard it is one of the best college cities in the country," he said. "They say it is a real family environment with the program and the community. The fans are always behind you 100 percent. Everything I heard about the city and the program made me want to find out more."

Nick Saban has some ground to make up with the Lovejoy (Ga.) native but he does have the Tigers in the hunt with one of the best all-around blockers in the country.

"I have good technique and quick feet," said Scott. "I am real athletic for someone my size. I think I have a good approach to the game. Pass blocking is not that hard. I set my feet and use my strong hands. In run blocking I am just dominant."

The dominance Scott has displayed on the prep level is one of the factors contributing to so many college coaches throwing their names into the mix. He is approaching 40 scholarship offers but a lot of those schools have already been eliminated from consideration.

"I have narrowed it down to Georgia, Tennessee, Nebraska, Mississippi State, Oklahoma, Florida, Auburn, South Carolina and LSU," he said. "Right now Georgia and Nebraska are at the top on my list."

It makes sense for Georgia to be at the top of his list since he has been a Bulldog fan for years and is familiar with the program. What pushed the Cornhuskers into his top tier?

"With Georgia I like the coaching staff a lot," he said. "They have done real well since coach Richt got over there. They also have top-notch facilities and a real good team. With Nebraska I just got to know the coaches well. I do want to find out more about the system and the school."

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