Tiger Rag Q&A: Travis Daniels

Arguably the top duo of cornerbacks in all of college football, Corey Webster and Travis Daniels come together to make quite a tandem. Here, Daniels shares some thoughs with Tiger Rag Editor Matt Deville.

TR: How does having a strong secondary benefit the defense?


Daniels: "I think it benefits the defense, especially defensive linemen and linebackers, by knowing that maybe if they get hooked by an offensive lineman that the secondary should be able to hold up. We have their back. But we also know at the same that we Spears and all those guys rushing up the middle and we only have to give those guys a few seconds of coverage so they can do their thing. So we all know that we all have to do our part. It is good to have corners that can stop people and good to have a defensive line that can put pressure on the quarterback."


TR: In the only loss last year against Florida, there were some breakdowns in the secondary. Talk about that game and the new guys that are back there and how you guys work as a unit.


Daniels: "We work together very well. When we played Florida last year, that was my first game playing safety and making all the calls. That was the game where Jack (Hunt) was out and Laron (Landry) had to step in. That was a pretty challenging thing stepping in and making all the calls. But Laron has a better grasp because he ahs the experience and Jessie Daniels ahs taken the role of Jack Hunt because Jessie knows the entire defense already. Together as a group we work real well together though. Plus, having Mario Stevenson and Ronnie Prude, we are going to do a lot of great things this year."


TR: You lost one whole season when you came into the SEC Championship in 2001 for just a couple of plays. In hindsight, do you regret that because you could be a jun ior right now instead of a senior?


Daniels: "Nah, I just take it as it is. Everything happens for a reason. That was the way it was supposed to happen and who knows what would have happened otherwise. But hopefully things turn out good, but that is the way it was supposed to happen."


TR: You used to have some pretty impressive dreadlocks. Why cut the hair?


Daniels: "My mom wanted me to cut the hair. My mom was always after me and saying funny things about my hair. So I went home for spring break and she was like ‘where are you going?' I was like, ‘I'll be back.' And when I came back, I had shaved them. She wanted them to come off, so they cam off. She's the boss."

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