Tigers feeling the heat as camp continues

If the LSU Tigers thought Tuesday's workout was hot, throw in some steamy as well on Wednesday and it made for one of the hottest, most stifling days of the year at the Charles McClendon Practice Facility.

And if the muggy stickiness of the weather wasn't bad enough, throw in a rather irritated, fiery Nick Saban and a scorching 12:30 p.m. practice can be compared to something just this side of a root canal.

The very intense Saban bounced around barking orders and did not let up for a second during the final split squad workout for the veterans. The freshman practice tonight at 7:30 for the final time before the team combines for the first full squad workout on Thursday.

The Tigers worked out for the first time in shoulder pads today making the heat nearly unbearable. "Shells" as they are called with shoulder pads, hip pads and thigh pads, the Tigers were only knee pads and pants away from the full uniform, which they will don for Thursday's two-a-day workouts.

Right tackle Nate Livings missed today's workout with a slightly twisted knee. He did stretch and do some drills with the team while the extent of his injury is minor. Mammoth freshman offensive lineman Herman Johnson is expected to miss several more practices with an infection he developed from an insect bite. Johnson was actually hospitalized for precautionary measures, but is expected to attend tonight's practice, but not participate.

In one of the scarier moments of the day, redshirt freshman quarterback Matt Flynn was helped under a sideline tent as team physicians treated the Tyler, Texas native for dehydration and heat exhaustion. Saban said Flynn has battled an intestinal virus since he has arrived for camp and actually threw up on the practice field during Tuesday's workouts. Saban also added Houston product Tim Washington, a member fot eh class of incoming freshman, has also battled a similar virus.

As for the condition of the team, Saban has been riding his players hard after 30-plus Tigers failed to achieve satisfactory marks on the strength and conditioning tests they were given on Sunday. It has been reported that Saban requires these certain players to run every morning at 6 a.m. until they score high enough on the tests. The list of players who did not fare well on the tests has been kept quiet. However, from the looks of the belly on superstar wide receiver Skyler Green, we are pretty sure he will drop about 5 to 10 pounds of the 195 pounds he reported at on Sunday.

Joe Lawrence may not be injured, but we think his feelings may be a bit bruised. A former Major League Baseball player, the elder freshman on the team caught the ire of Saban for a series of plays during drills ran by the safeties. We think Saban's constant hounding of the 27-year-old prospect means we could see a good bit of Lawrence on the field this fall.

Quoting Nick Saban, when the team arrived to practice today, several of the players were having some problems with their shoulder pads.. As one of the trainers tended to tight end David Jones' pads, Saban walked by and barked, "why are you wasting time fixing your pads David Jones, you never hit anybody anyway."

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