Tiger Rag Q&A: JaMarcus Russell

Tiger Rag editor Matt Devile sat down with highly-touted redshirt freshman quarterback JaMarcus Russell. <br><br> The talented Russell talked about why he came to LSU, his feelings about new graduate assistant coach Dameyune Craig and about his role on the team.

TR: What is the major difference between playing quarterback in high school and now in college?


Russell: I would have to say the difference from high school is that there are more defenses that you have to look out for, different sets and they all have different names. Defenses are more tricky here. Most of the time you are not facing great, great cornerbacks in high school like you do at this level.


TR: With (former Auburn quarterback) Dameyune Craig now on staff at LSU, were you a fan of his when he was quarterback at Auburn?


Russell: I got tapes from him when he was in high school, when (former Alabama running back) Sherman Williams was there with him. He was a guy from my area and coach (Jimbo) Fisher recruited that area a lot.


TR: Are you guys alike at all?


Russell: I think we are similar, but he (Craig) had it all. He could run, throw, do basically whatever.


TR: Did you take any flack about choosing LSU over Alabama or Auburn?


Russell: A lot of times when I would get player of the week and I was still looking for a school to go to, a lot of people from around the state would ask what school did I have in mind that I wanted to go to. I always kept Alabama and Auburn in there, but I never really had any idea of going to either school. When we played at Alabama last year, I got a lot of boos when we ran out, but some people were excited to see me playing college football.


TR: How do you deal with that pressure and focus on developing your skills as a quarterback in coach Saban's system, while knowing that you are not the guy who will be taking the first snap on opening day?

Russell: This is Marcus Randall's team, Marcus has been here a while and he deserves this chance. We're just here to back him up, and make him play his best. Matt and I aren't going to come in and jump ahead of him on the depth chart, our job for now is to work as hard as we can and make sure we will be ready to step up if he goes down with an injury or something.

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