When Amp Hill stepped on the LSU campus last years, coaches and fans alike drooled at his size, speed and most of all his glue-like hands. <br><br> But a knee injury and a lengthy recovery has made Hill have to work extra hard to maneuver his way back into the forefront of the LSU wide receiving corps. <br><br> Tiger Rag caught up with Hill and he talked about his injury as well as the influx of talented receivers in this season's freshman class.

TR: How is the knee right now and do you still have any pain?

Hill: "Right now at this point in time, I am probably about 95-percent," Hill said. "It doesn't really hurt anymore, maybe when I am working out. It has taken so long to get it back because of the muscles in my quad and my hamstring in my left leg."


TR: What kind of role do play in helping the new guys get acclimated to college life?

Hill: "Knowing that when I came in last year I had the older guys to lean on, to help me with things that I had questions with," Hill said. "Now I just try and help them also, to show them it is supposed to be done."


TR: Your feelings on the talent of this class?

Hill: "They are a phenomenal group of guys," Hill said. "They have been here all summer working out, getting a feel for the offense. All three are very talented and I think they are going to be a valuable addition to the offense."

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