BREAKDOWN: LSU v. Arkansas State

We take a look at this weekend's matchup between the LSU Tigers and Arkansas State Indians. <br><br> This week's game should be a bit easier than last weekend's 22-21 win over Oregon State.

LSU rushing offense vs. Arkansas State rushing defense


Let's just put it this way, the LSU running back corps is definitely going to be looking to bust out. As advertised, the Oregon State rushing defense was as good as LSU will see this season. Look for Justin Vincent to break loose several times in this one. Broussard will see a significant amount of time as well. You might even see the freshman Jacob Hester get a tote or two.


Advantage: LSU



LSU passing offense vs. Arkansas State passing defense


All right, who will it be JaMarcus Russell or Marcus Randall. While some think Randall may get a second chance and get the starting nod, we don't think that is out of the realm of possibilities. It all depends on who shines in practice this week. But look for whoever gets the most snaps to be the starter coming out of this game. Auburn is just a week away.


Advantage: LSU



Arkansas State rushing offense vs. LSU rushing defense


Last week, Oregon State struggled to run the ball against the LSU defense, and the Tiger stoppers were even having a bad night. Dwight Wright broke free on one long run, but for the most part LSU's defense was solid against the run. Arkansas State is still up in the air at tailback between Antonio Warren and Shermar Bracey, which isn't a good thing against LSU's front four.


Advantage: LSU



Arkansas State passing offense vs. LSU passing defense


The Indians surprised a lot of folks last week putting up a fight against nationally-ranked Missouri. Led by quarterbacks Nick Noce and Devin Hollis, the two combined Arkansas State quarterbacks Nick Noce and Devin Hollins showcased a potent aerial assault. Noce threw for 240-yards and two scores. The only thing stopping Noce in his first start was cramping that limited him to just under three quarters of action. Hollins and Noce combined to pass for 350-yards on the night, the fourth-best total in school history. While we feel head coach Nick Saban is going to make it a long week for the Tigers secondary, let's call it even.


Advantage: Push




LSU special teams vs. Arkansas State special teams

After watching the debacle called Tiger special teams last week, this is going to be even as well. Oregon State did nothing to affect the LSU specialists, yet there were mistakes abound. Chris Jackson missed two field goals and Patrick Fisher was atrocious punting the ball. Skyler Green fumbled the opening kickoff setting up a OSU touchdown. This has to improve


Advantage: Push






This is where Arkansas State will be beaten badly. The Indians come to Tiger Stadium for the first time since 1998 when they were beaten 42-6. ASU plays in the worst league in Division I_A (Sun Belt) and will be playing their second straight ranked opponent after losing at Missouri last week. Look for a hungry Tiger team to handle this team early


Advantage: LSU





LSU outclasses Arkansas State at virtually every position and the talent drop off from watching Oregon State last week will bi significant. Although the Indians put up the most yards against a Division I-A program under head coach Steve Roberts (468 yards) last week, this one "should be" over right around the time it starts. In all actuality, this game and the OSU game should have been flip flopped because this is the typical sacrificial first-game patsy.


LSU 42, Arkansas State 10



- Matt Deville

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