Tiger Rag Update: Josh McNeil

The nation's top center prospect, Josh McNeil of Collins, Miss. was in Baton Rouge over the weekend for an unofficial visit.

The 6-4, 275-pounder killed two birds with one stone because he got to check out two of his favorite schools and he also had the opportunity to watch his older brother in action for the Bulldogs.


Tiger Rag caught up with Josh for a brief little Q&A session about his trip.

Tiger Rag: What did you think of the game and the surroundings?

Josh McNeil: I really enjoyed the game and thought LSU looked very good.  The gameday atmosphere was great and I really liked the LSU fans.
Tiger Rag: Did the atmosphere at the game live up to what you had heard about Tiger Stadium? 

Josh McNeil: The atmosphere definitely lived up to my expectations.  The stadium and crowd was the biggest I have ever seen and I am going to try and make it down there for another game.
Tiger Rag: How would you rate the experience on a scale of 1 to 10?

Josh McNeil: I would rate the visit a 10 because of the way LSU played and I really liked the atmosphere.
Tiger Rag: You had a chance to talk to the coaches and some of the players. What did they tell you?

Josh McNeil: I met with Coach Saban before and after the game with my parents.  I also talked to Coach Muschamp and Coach Searels.  They told me they like the way I am very mobile and quick.  Coach Searels was at the game Friday and said he liked the way I hustled and never gave up on a play.  I also talked with Mit Cole, Ryan Miller, and Andrew Whitworth. They said they wanted me to be a part of the LSU family and I really liked the team because they are a tight knit group that gets along well.
Tiger Rag: Where does LSU stand with the other schools you are looking at? 

Josh McNeil: LSU and Florida are probably at the top of my list right now. 
Tiger Rag: Who are the other schools you are looking at? 

Josh McNeil: I have narrowed it down to five.  LSU, Florida, Florida State, Mississippi State, and Tennessee

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