Saban addresses the media

The following is a transcript for Nick Saban's press luncheon on Monday.

Opening Statement….

"After reviewing the film and going over it with the players I think there are two things that are pretty obvious in this game. We had a lack of poise, especially in the beginning of the game, and did not have the kind of execution that you need to have to have success as a team on either side of the ball."

"We didn't do poorly on special teams, but on offense and defense I just think that poise and execution were probably as big a problem as anything. I think you've got to keep it together when you get in tough situations and tough circumstances playing against a good football team in a hostile environment, and I don't think that our team showed the maturity to be able to do that."

"There are three prerequisites for execution that I think are important. Number one, you've got to know what to do, which I didn't look at the film nor did we look at it with the players and them not know what to do. Secondly, you've got to know how to do it, and I don't think there were very many occasions where we didn't know how to do it. But the third thing, and it's where the poise comes in to it all, is why is it important to do it that way and continue to not abort fundamentals, techniques, doing things the right way so that you have the best chance to be successful. I think that's where the poise part of it all comes in."

On playing on the road….

"When is our team going to be ready to play on the road? We've had problems playing on the road sometimes in the past. This game is an opportunity to prove that we've made some maturity in that area and can go on the road and play a good football game. So, I think we have to adapt, and it's difficult. There's no way we can make it easy. It's going to take some maturity on some young players' part and some leadership on some older players' part to set the kind of example that the younger players can resonate with so they can feel more comfortable and confident in going about what they do. I think that's a major problem."

On the big plays in the Georgia game….

"I'm sure that somebody's going to say, why did you give up so many big plays? Well, big plays and turnovers are always something that I always say the ratio of those things is really important. We gave up 10 big plays on defense and had three turnovers on offense. We started out the game poorly. In the first 14 plays of the game on offense, we get sacked three times and fumble the ball twice. So, after 14 plays on offense we're behind 24-0, and we gave up some big plays on defense. The combination of those two things are always a problem -- always. And when they're not in your favor, obviously, it's a big problem, which it was in this game."

On the first half comeback against Georgia….

"I was proud of the way our players kind of battled back in the second quarter, got the game 24-10, put a drive together when we came out (after halftime) and was actually in field goal range. But we got a penalty, then got sacked and, all of a sudden, we're out of field goal range. We stopped them one more time on defense, but then after that, we didn't play with the kind of character and attitude that you'd like your team to play with for 60 minutes and didn't do very well."

LSU's players of the week vs. Georgia….

"The players of the week are (running back) Joseph Addai , who did a very good job on offense. (Defensive tackle) Claude Wroten played extremely well defensively, made some plays, played with a lot of effort. Daniel Francis has been a very consistent special teams player, but, again, did a nice job in this game."

On LSU's injury situation….

"Two guys are out of practice today -- (wide receiver) Dwayne Bowe with an ankle sprain, and (cornerback) Corey Webster with a knee sprain. It's probably too early to call on whether these guys will be able to play in the game or not. It will be day-to-day, but there is some question as to whether they will be able to come back. Two guys that will be in red shirts today -- (center) Ben Wilkerson and (wide receiver) Craig Davis -- probably will be okay for the game and shouldn't be a problem."

On Florida….

"Florida has an excellent team. Their offense is really a quick strike offense. They make a lot of big plays, they've got a lot of team speed and they've got a great combination of being able to run the football effectively and the quarterback, he can strike you down the field in a lot of different ways in the play action passes that go with the running game for big plays. They've got lots of speed at receiver. So, they're a very talented team."

"Chris Leak has played extremely well -- lots of poise, very active, athletic enough to be elusive if you do get pressure on him. He can scramble and make plays, has been very good on third down, knows exactly what he's doing, gets the ball in the right places most of the time."

"Defensively, they've played extremely well. (Channing) Crowder is probably one of the best linebackers in the league, but really seems to do a good job of being their quarterback on their defensive team in terms of what they need to get done. And they've played very well defensively as well. They've got a lot of team speed, so they do a good job on special teams."

On LSU going into to this week's game against Florida….

"It's an opportunity for our team to prove that we have a better football team than what we showed this past Saturday, and, hopefully, we'll respond the right way to it and improve and get better. We're not going to give up on our players and what we believe in, because I do believe in our players. I do believe that we can have a good team, I just think we have to continue to improve and mature. We've got to get better execution. And it's not just the young guys. It's the old guys that need to play better, it's the young guys that need to mature more. We need to develop some leadership and team chemistry that's going to help us accentuate this process so that we can be a good football team in the very near future."

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