Florida's Ron Zook and players speak on LSU

Comments from Florida head coach Ron Zook and selected players on this weekend's clash with LSU.

Opening Statement:

"It felt good to be in a game routine. It was a little different not to navigate around the weather. We had a good day yesterday; Monday's are busy days. It's a day when you put the previous game to bed and then prepare for the defending national champions. They are a very talented team and will give us their best effort. We had a good day yesterday and as far as preparation, we couldn't be any further ahead than we are right now. "

On the players' opinion of LSU:

"They understand how good LSU can be. They worked hard yesterday. It was hot and I think that took a little bit out of them because they played better at the end of practice than the beginning. They lifted yesterday and Rob

(Glass) told me he thought they were a little sluggish because it was hot.

But I was happy with the way we ended practice."

On the multitude of Florida's offensive weapons:

"We've said since the day we got here that we have to be able to run the football. We're fortunate to have some pretty good running backs. Before the season started this year we said the offensive line would be one of the best that it's been. We have some depth now and guys who know the system. We also have an unselfish football team and that is very important."

On the receivers:

"Distributing the ball to the receivers shows you the maturity Chris (Leak) has got. The coaches are doing a great job getting the players into position and Chris is finding the right guy. The thing that got me excited was watching them blocking. To me, that means they are into it."

On big plays:

"You have to do what the defense gives you. There's never a question whether we were going to be able to throw the ball downfield. That doesn't mean that we will throw it downfield all the time, but the receivers are more experienced and feel very confident the ball is going to be there and they do everything they can to catch it."

On what to expect from LSU:

"They are the defending national champions, there's no question they are very talented. We will get their best effort."


Chris Leak, Quarterback

On the Gators offense:

"We have so many guys that can make plays with. We've got a lot of guys that can do a lot of different things with the ball. They've got a lot of different skills and we just have to get the ball in their hands and that's the main thing."

On summer voluntary work outs improving the team:

"That helped a lot. It helped our confidence in each other. Just knowing where we were going to be on the field and just having that feeling that we know they're going to get a ball at a certain time and a certain place."

On Dallas Baker:

"Dallas is a big time player. He can just make plays whenever he's on the field. We just have to make sure he keeps doing that. That's the type of player he is. He's been doing a great job in practice. He works hard and he will keep improving."

On Larry Fedora:

"Coach pushes us and knows every play in practice. He knows how it's going to be in the game and he wants us to stay focused. He pushes us so we can get better, so we can be at our best at all times."

On improving this year:

"From last year to this year, it was about getting comfortable with those guys. It was about improving and getting comfortable with the offense. By being out there with those guys, we have the confidence now."


Ciatrick Fason, Running Back

On playing well against LSU last year:

"Every year is a new year. I can't reflect on what's happened in the past because this is a new year. I know their defense is going to want it, especially after coming off of two losses. I mean, they're the defending National Champions. They're going to come out here and play hard."

On Dallas Baker:

"I told him it was going to be his day, because they were going to stack the box and leave him out there on the island. He's the last receiver you want to leave out there because you just can play into his hands. I was happy that he came out with a good game."

"After the Tennessee week, he took a lot of pressure because he was beating himself up over it. I think he needed a good game to give him some confidence for later on down the road. He knew it was more than just his play that lost that Tennessee game."

On Mo Mitchell and Jonathan Colon:

"Both of them are like brothers to each other. If one of them is having a good time, they're both going to have a good time. If one of them is having a bad time, they're both going to have a bad time. I knew that Colon has been having a lot of injuries the past few years, but this year, he told me that he was ready. As of now, he's been out on the field, doing his job and looking great. Big Mo has been doing everything he can with each opportunity."

On inspiring the O-line with big plays:

"I think the whole O-line gets fired up even after a two-yard gain. We come back to the huddle and they say we're going to make sure we're going to get a longer gain next time. They tell coach to run the ball and they want to score quickly. That's what I love about our O-line because they're trying to get points on the board just like me."

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