When we're wrong, we will admit it. <br><br> In this week's edition of Where We Stand, we eat our words on quarterbacks David Greene and Jason Campbell. Plus, we cast blame for LSU's loss to Georgia as well as extend congratulations to Vanderbilt and Virginia Tech. <br><br> Fresno State gets scorned for counting their chickens before they hatch and we snicker at the continuing woes in the Magnolia State. <br><br> Any feedback is welcome at matt@tigerrag.com.

Right off the bat, we give major kudos to Georgia and Auburn for winning (and winning big) Saturday in key SEC matchups. In their respective games, both the Bulldogs and Tigers won decisively and earned the right to be affixed in the driver's seat in the SEC race. There was never a question in Georgia's 45-16 blowout of LSU nor was there any doubt in Auburn's 34-10 thrashing of Tennessee.


To Georgia quarterback David Greene and Auburn signal caller Jason Campbell. In this very publication a week ago we stated we were not impressed with Greene as a quarterback. We said while he wins a great deal, he is nothing special. Five touchdown passes, a school record, is enough to make us change our tune. And for Campbell, who has caught more flack than any other quarterback in recent years, proved he truly has improved and deserves the respect of his peers.


To the LSU secondary, most especially the cornerbacks. The Tigers heralded cornerback tandem of Corey Webster and Travis Daniels was anything but impressive as Greene exploited LSU's man coverage. Georgia wide receivers Fred Gibson and Reggie Brown embarrassed Webster and most especially Daniels, who surrendered three of Greene's five touchdown passes.


While we are discussing LSU's weaknesses, we can't help but talk about the play of the Tigers' offensive line. We know neither LSU quarterback showed anything impressive on Saturday, but had the offensive line had played better, it might have been a different game. The Tigers' offensive front was manhandled by the Georgia front four, especially a severe mismatch between Georgia all-American David Pollack and LSU right tackle Nate Livings. And don't blame the LSU running backs for rushing for just 67 yards on 29 carries, that blame goes to the o-line.


To the Northwestern Wildcats and their shocking upset of No. 6 Ohio State. The Buckeyes seem to have been living on borrowed time for what seems like years, but Jim Tressel's squad's day of reckoning arrived Saturday when the Wildcats defeated the Bucks 33-27 in overtime. It was NU's first win over Ohio State in Evanston since 1958.


We did this last week so we might as well kick this dead horse again. To the state of Mississippi. On Saturday, Mississippi State lost to Vanderbilt in Starkville (thumbs up to Vandy) and Ole Miss squeaked out a 28-21 Homecoming win over… Arkansas State? That's right, the same team LSU beat 53-3 actually led the Rebels in Oxford 14-13 in the second half. Ole Miss shows that they are not a good football team, but Mississippi State is even worse. Deke "Big Chief" Belevia couldn't have said it better Saturday night on WWL Radio in New Orleans. "It looks like Miss. State is going to go Tulane and 10 this season," Belevia said.



To LSU freshman Xavier Carter and his blunder that will be played and replayed on ESPN throughout the next few weeks. Undecided on whether or not he would return a kickoff out of the end zone, Carter accidentally stepped out of the end zone, but not knowing where he was, took a knee at the one. The Georgia fans actually didn't cheer, you could hear roaring laughter. We know Carter is just a freshman and that tends to happen from time to time, but that will go down as one of the classic "bonehead of the week" moments in LSU history.


To Fresno State coach Pat Hill. Two years ago, Hill began crowing around midseason about the lack of respect his team was receiving in terms of rankings and bowl implications. The David Carr led Bulldogs owned wins over Wisconsin, Oregon State and Colorado and looked like a contender. However, when Hill began his rants, the team lost focus and did just that – lost, twice that year. Hill began his argument that if upstart Fresno was to be undefeated at the end of the season this year, they should get to play in the national championship. And what happened? The Bulldogs went to Ruston and LOST to another group of upstart Bulldogs. Louisiana Tech set off a goalpost tumbling celebration shocking Fresno State 28-21.


To Virginia Tech. For those of us that like the normalcy of college football, then thank the Hokies for beating West Virginia Saturday and putting a major damper on their hopes of making it to the national title game by facing a creampuff schedule in the Big East. The Mountaineers fell behind 13-0 at halftime and never fully recovered as the Hokies enjoyed the upset as sweet redemption for several close losses already this season.


To LSU Baseball and recruiting coordinator Turtle Thomas. LSU's recruiting class was dubbed No. 1 in the nation by Collegiate Baseball. This marks the first time in 22 years that the Tigers have hauled in the nation's No. 1 ranked class, it is the fourth time that Thomas has overseen the top class in the USA. In 1988, 1991 and 1993 as recruiting coordinator for Miami, Fla., he also led the Hurricanes to the nation's No. 1 class. Thomas' five classes at LSU have all finished among the Top 6 -- the Tigers' classes were ranked No. 2 in 2000 and 2001, No. 3 in 2002, No. 6 in 2003 and No. 1 this year.

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