BREAKDOWN:<br>LSU v. Florida

After LSU's 45-16 loss last week at Georgia, we tip our cap to the Florida Gators as Tiger Rag takes a look at the key matchups of the weekend.

LSU rushing offense vs. Florida rushing defense

After the Mississippi State game, everyone thought all was well with the LSU ground game. However, Tiger rushers ran into a brick wall at Georgia last week. Alley Broussard was limited to 45 yards and Justin Vincent managed only two rushing yards. The play of the offensive line was horrendous last Saturday and must improve for LSU to have any chance running the ball. However, Florida is giving up 118 yards on the ground.

Advantage: Push


LSU passing offense vs. Florida passing defense

Florida lost a number of starters off last season's defense, including standout corner Keiwan Ratliff. The gator secondary hasn't played all that well this season and if LSU quarterbacks can find a rhythm, they can exploit the weakest unit on this Florida team. However, finding that rhythm may be tough if the offensive line can't protect the quarterback.

Advantage: Push


Florida rushing offense vs. LSU rushing defense

Georgia's Danny Ware embarrassed the Tigers rushing defense last week slicing and dicing his way through the LSU front seven like a warm knife through butter. The Tigers are known to be splid against the run, but have not done a good job wrapping up on tackles. Florida has an outstanding running back in Ciatrick Fason. LSU had better wrap him up or he is going to remind the Tiger stoppers of Mr. Ware.

Advantage: Florida


Florida passing offense vs. LSU passing defense

What was supposed to be the strength of this team has turned out to be one of its biggest problems. Cornerbacks Corey Webster and Travis Daniels left Athens red-faced last weekend as the trio of David Greene, Reggie Brown and Fred Gibson had a field day. Guess what, Florida's Chris Leak is better than Greene. The results – if LSU doesn't get their act together, it could be more of the same, only this time in an offense more explosive that Georgia's.

Advantage: Florida


LSU special teams vs. Georgia special teams:

At first it was just missed extra points, now lots of things are going wrong for the Tigers special teams. Granted, Chris Jackson kept the streak of missed extra points alive, now at four games, but Xavier Carter's blunder bringing a kickoff out of the end zone and downing it at the one and a costly penalty on an impressive punt return by Skyler Green negated a big gainer. LSU has some issues yet to be worked out here.

Advantage: Florida



This should be a no-brainer in favor of Florida right? We disagree. Like Georgia enjoyed tasting the sweetness of revenge in last week's thrashing of LSU, the Tigers can go to the Swamp with the same motivation as the Gators were the only team to beat LSU in 2003. Plus, toss in the fact you have to think LSU is hungry for redemption after such a poor showing. However, this is still the Swamp. But LSU conquered Ben Hill Griffin Stadium the last trip to Florida Field.

Advantage: LSU



For the first time in a year and a half, Tiger Rag is going against the Tigers. LSU looks snakebit right now. The offense is anemic, the defense is porous and Georgia just gave every team in America the right formula to effectively beat LSU. While we don't think Florida is as talented as LSU personnel-wise, the gators do possess Chris Leak which will be a huge advantage for the Gators in this one. The way Florida's defense has played, especially in the fourth quarter versus Arkansas, this one could see some points scored.


Florida 35, LSU 31


- Matt Deville


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