Saban, Tigers turn focus to Troy

LSU coach Nick Saban addressed the media Monday after his team enjoyed a bye week last weekend. <br><br> The Tigers (4-2) will host Troy University (3-3) Saturday in Tiger Stadium. The game will be homecoming for LSU.

Opening Statement….

"We had a pretty good week last week. I think we had a combination of some pretty decent practices and got a lot of repetitions with a lot of young players and got some guys healthier. It's important for us to build on the kind of competitive spirit coming out of our last game, which is kind of hard to maintain over a bye week."

"I think the key is is that we continue to try to compete, impose will, dominate, whatever you want to call it, on a consistent basis by the intensity, the intelligence, the sense of urgency that we kind of play with, which has not been something for us to prove that we can continue to do. I think that's the identity that we want to try to create for this team. It's important for everybody to bring their 'A' game to every game."

On Troy….

"The team that we're going to play here, Troy, has had some impressive wins. To beat a top-25 team in Missouri, to beat Marshall at Marshall and to play South Carolina the way they did at South Carolina shows that they have a very, very good, competitive team, and everybody needs to respect that."

"They've played extremely well on defense, tough to run against. They are very good on special teams. Offensively, they have some weapons. They run the ball effectively, most of the time in most of their games. When they've been able to throw it effectively, they've been pretty good. This is a team that our team needs to respect and know that it is going to take our "A" game to create the kind of effort that we need to be successful against this team."

On LSU QB Marcus Randall….

"Marcus Randall has continued to show the kind of presence, confidence, and leadership that we look for, and if that continues, which we expect it will, then he's going to be our go-to guy. We're happy that he had a great game when he came off the bench at Florida, and hopefully he can start a game and do the same thing. That's kind of how we'd like to go right now."

"We're still going to try to develop the other guys. We have confidence in both other guys that they continue to learn from their experiences and become very good players, and if the time comes that we need to play them, we certainly have confidence in them."

On LSU's injury situation….

"From an injury standpoint, (cornerback) Corey Webster is going to practice today in red (non-contact jersey). (Defense tackle) Kyle Williams will also start back in practice today. I think everybody else has been in practice. (Defensive back) Ronnie Prude had a death in his family. He will miss practice today, but it's not from an injury standpoint, it's from a personal family standpoint."

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