Nation's top OL Scott will be tripping to LSU

One of the top offensive linemen in the country is Lovejoy, Georgia's Chris Scott and he is scheduled to take his official visit to LSU on Dec. 3.

That will be Scott's second trip to the LSU campus in a two week stretch because the 6-4, 315-pounder made an unofficial visit over the weekend for the Tigers' 27-24 win over Ole Miss.

Tiger Rag caught up with Scott for a little Q&A to see how things went and where LSU stood in the grand scheme of things.

Tiger Rag: When and how did you get to Baton Rouge?

Scott: My dad works for Delta Airlines and I flew in on Saturday morning.

Tiger Rag: What made you want to take an unofficial trip when you are making your official in less than two weeks?

Scott: I've seen the gameday atmosphere for all of my top teams and I wanted to see what LSU was like to compare everything.

Tiger Rag: How did the LSU experience compare to the trips to Florida, Nebraska, Tennessee and Georgia?

Scott: It was crazy. Everything I saw was wild. Compared to Tennessee having over a 100,000 fans and LSU having 91,000, it was a lot louder at LSU. The whole stadium, the fans and the atmosphere was great.

Tiger Rag: How would you rate the gameday atmospheres at your favorites?

Scott: LSU and Tennessee would be at the top followed by Georgia, Florida and Nebraska.

Tiger Rag: What did you do on your visit?

Scott: I took a cab from the airport to the football center. I got to meet with some of the coaches and they gave me a tour of the facilities.

Tiger Rag: What did you think of the facilities?

Scott: The facilities were great. The weight room was not big as some I've seen but the facilities stack up well with Georgia, Tennessee, Florida and Nebraska, if not better.

Tiger Rag: Did this trip help you get a better feel of what LSU has to offer?

Scott: It did. It was my first time being down there and even though it was raining everything looked as good as what I've seen on the computer and the stuff the coaches sent me.

Tiger Rag: You have stated before that you didn't want to name a leader until you took your official visits. Is that still the case?

Scott: Yes sir. I like all five of the schools a lot and they are all pretty even right now.

Tiger Rag: Would you say LSU has as good of a chance as any of the other schools on your list at getting your signature?

Scott: Yes. They have a real good chance.

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