Saban reflects on Arkansas win

Nick Saban spoke to the media Monday for the final time before the Tigers find out their bowl fate this upcoming weekend.

Opening statement…

"It was a good victory, obviously, for us. We watched the film on Saturday morning and we're very pleased with the way our team responded to the challenge that we had to win the last three games of the season -- go to Arkansas and did what they did in that particular game."

"Marcus Randall did a fantastic job, the offensive line did a fantastic job and it's probably as well as we've played offensively for a long time this season. Defensively, Arkansas is a difficult task, but the fact that they only got 14 points, and most of that came on not so great field position. I was a little disappointed in some of the special teams plays, but that's something that we definitely want to work on when we get back to bowl practice."

On LSU's Players of the Week…

"We had some players of the game. Defensively, Marcus Spears, who was also the SEC defensive player, and LaRon Landry. Offensively, Marcus Randall, (Andrew) Whitworth and Rudy (Niswanger) both did a good job, so we got three. Justin Vincent and Chris Jackson was the special teams players of the week as well. So, all of those guys are going to get recognized today when we have a 4 p.m. meeting."

On the bowl game…

"Basically what we're going to do from here on out is when it comes to the bowl games, we're going to get to play probably a top-10 team or close to it at whatever bowl game we go to. I think the key is is that we want to go show to a national audience what kind of football we play in the SEC, what kind of football we play at LSU." 

"Regardless of which venue it is, that's the way we should look at it for now. There's not a choice. It's really about what we have an opportunity to do in either case, because we're going to play a very good team in either case. We're going to go to a very good bowl game in either case. That's kind of how we look at this right now.

"Our program for our players is we look at bowl games as a one-game season, which you've heard me talk about before. We don't try to drag practice all the way to the game. That's not going to happen more than a month from now. We will have three workouts with coach (Tommy) Moffitt and strength and conditioning this week, three next week during finals week when players can fit them in and we will probably start bowl practice Dec. 15. That's pretty much the schedule we have right now. So, that's what we're going to work through in our meeting today." 

"The banquet is on Sunday, Dec. 5, which is a tremendous opportunity for us, our fans and everyone else. This is for the players to show our appreciation for the hard work that the players have done in representing LSU and all of us in the way they've worked hard to perform all year long. So, that's something that we're looking forward to on Sunday. Other than that, I don't really have a lot to report."

"From and injury standpoint, I think other than Ben Wilkerson we probably should get everybody back and healthy. Daniel Francis maybe a little questionable because we thought his sprained ankle was probably about a three week injury. That's going to be hitting about the same time we would be coming back, so that's probably going to be how his rehab goes in how we determine that one."


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