It has been two weeks since the last installment of Where Do We Stand?, so you can imagine there is plenty for us to crow about.

Oh boy, the BCS has done it again. You think they would have learned a year ago. But nope, it is part two of the BCS fiasco and there appears to be no reasonable solution in sight.


This time they not only messed up with the nation's big game, but the BCS had a trickle down effect.


The coaching carousel continues spinning out of control while Notre Dame is red faced again while at the same time a university administrator had better get used to a Kojak look.



Let's get this started right, jeers, boos and hisses to the BCS. You guys just can't get it right – can you? A year after botching the national matchup a dream game between what should have LSU and USC – the bumbling buffoons and their computers have pitted Oklahoma and USC in the Orange Bowl for the national title, excluding Auburn, which went undefeated (12-0) in the toughest league in the country. Auburn's closest game was a 10-9 win over then No. 4 LSU and no one else came within 10 points of the Tigers. AU had to beat LSU, Tennessee (twice) and Georgia to make their case relevant. Oklahoma, we feel, deserves the nod after wining its conference title game decisively. But USC? The Trojans only decent win came against ACC champ Virginia Tech and Southern Cal struggled to beat Stanford, Oregon State and should have lost to rival Cal, who outgained Pete Carroll's team 2-to-1. And isn't it always important to finish strong. USC beat a BAD UCLA team by five points (29-24) in its final game to go 12-0. But after last season, you can bet, there was no way anyone was going to allow the Trojans to be denied again. More to come.



Continuing on the previous issue, not only does Auburn get shafted after posting a perfect record in the nation's most competitive and toughest conference, they have almost been guaranteed no shot at even sharing the national title, a luxury USC got in 2003. So Tommy Tuberville and Co. have been told "hey great job, but come hell or high water, we are going to give the national title to Oklahoma or USC." When Auburn routs Va. Tech in the Sugar Bowl, Tubby should be burning the Superdome (hey Tom Benson might like that) in protest because there is nothing else his team could do to prove its worth as the best team in the land. What a shame!



With coaching carousel spinning, it was good to see Ron Zook get another job, being named the head coach at Illinois. Plus, it was enlightening to see Urban Meyer spurn Note Dame for the University of Florida. Meyer will be a welcomed addition to the SEC family. But most notable is the fact Notre Dame is left with egg on its face after Irish officials fired Tyrone Willingham after three seasons to try and attract Meyer, then he turned them down. An added note, possibly one of the finalists for the "bonehead of the year award," (literally), one Notre Dame female official shaved her head in protest last week protesting Willingham's dismissal. She said she would remain bald until ND won a national title. If that is the case, she is going to be a gold "domer" for life.



To the University of Oregon and its idiotic stance to boycott the University of Illinois and its mascot.  University of Oregon officials agreed to allow the men's basketball team to play top-ranked Illinois in Chicago last weekend, despite calls from faculty and student groups to cancel the game because the Fighting Illini have an American Indian mascot. University officials, however, agreed to adopt a policy on the scheduling of future games with schools that have mascots deemed offensive. There is a push to boycott Illinois next season if the mascot issue is not resolved. Illinois has already said the mascot, a student dressed up as an Indian, would not appear at next year's game in Portland. What? If I was Illinois, I would be boycotting Oregon and that stupid "Duck" mascot. If anything is offensive, it would those atrocious green and yellow colors and the intimidating duck costume.



To Boise State coach Dan Hawkins and Louisville's Bobby Petrino. After speculation had each coach leaving their respective school heading for big money and major programs, both coaches signed contract extensions and pledged allegiance to their respective institutions. College football needs more of that type of loyalty.




To Ole Miss. What were they thinking? Mississippi fired head coach David Cutcliffe last week stating he was too passive and was not what the program needed to move forward. What? A year removed from the program's best record in a half-century as well as SEC Coach of the Years and in the first season of the post Eli manning era – and they fire him? Now, the Rebels muckety-mucks are reeling as just about everyone from the NFL to the Pee Wee leagues has turned down the job. Looks as if it is back to mediocrity for the Rebels, that is if Archie and Olivia can't produce another son – and quick!



To Ty Willingham. It was announced Sunday Willingham will likely be the next coach at the University of Washington. If that is the case, you can bet new chancellor and former LSU leader Mark Emmert will welcome the exiled Notre Dame coach with welcoming arms (and an open checkbook) in Seattle, especially after the Huskies went 1-10 this year.

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