FEINSWOG: Hide the shaving cream

So there's this woman, a higher-up actually, who shaved her head because of the way her employer, Notre Dame, handled the firing of its football coach.

Says she won't grow it back will the Irish win a national championship.

Hope she likes being called "Baldie" or "Dome."

Imagine in 1958 if an LSU fan said something like, "Honey, I'm not going to shave till the Tigers win another national championship."

And there he was, 45 years later, with one heck of a beard.

Me, I'm not going to shave off my mustache till New Orleans is free of the Saints and Hornets.

Not that I would anyway – I've had the stache for all but a few days since 1977. But someone has to make a statement and when it comes to conviction, I'm, well, you know, kinda sorta, anyway …

Saints owner Tom Benson said Louisiana has three options, the first two about stadiums and the third being to tell them to leave.

OK. Leave. Please. Now. Take no more of our money. Your bloodsucking franchise stinks on the field, is a leech on our very existence and the thought of Benson receiving so many millions of state dollars is nauseating.

And then there's the pro basketball team, the Hornets. First year in New Orleans: Fired the coach. Second year in New Orleans, after making the playoffs: Fired the coach. Third year in New Orleans, at this writing: A record of 1-17.

That's one of those things you couldn't make up if you tried.

Imagine if you read in this space in October that the Hornets would get off to a 1-17 start?

They'll be gone soon, too. And then columnists like me can devote our time to other things, like LSU basketball.

Speaking of which, at this writing, it appears that sophomore forward Regis Koundjia has left for greener pastures. He was nowhere to be seen Saturday night when LSU beat Northwestern State.

Koundjia is from Bangui in the Central African Republic. The bet here is that he didn't grow up an LSU fan.

There was young Regis, taking shots on the dirt court, counting down, "3-2-1, yes! The Tigers win, the Tigers win!"

Probably not.

Last year he played an average of 18 minutes per game, which isn't bad for a freshman in the SEC.

This year, that number dropped to 12 minutes a game. He only played three minutes in LSU's last game before finals, a loss to West Virginia.

Hoops historians will tell you that's about the time every year when the disgruntled start thinking about moving on. In most cases – not always – you rarely hear about such players again, because they end up sitting on the bench for someone else or playing for a team so mired in obscurity you wonder what happened.

Koundjia will be the least of LSU's concerns, however, as the Tigers get back into the swing of things.

By the way, here's your LSU basketball season prediction:

The Tigers will win 10 non-conference games (they're 5-1 now with their next games with McNeese, Southern Miss, Houston, Florida State and Utah and then a rare Big 10 matchup with Ohio State in mid-January).

They'll split their SEC games (8-8) to be 18-10 heading into the SEC Tournament. A victory there will put LSU back in the NCAA Tournament.

You read it here. Just don't shave your head over it.


Lee Feinswog is the author of "Tales From The LSU Sidelines," a Baton Rouge sportswriter and host of the television show Sports Monday. Reach him at (225) 926-3256 or lee@sportsbatonrouge.com.

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