Recruits react to Saban's comments

The news of Nick Saban interviewing with the Miami Dolphins hit the airwaves on Wednesday and the uncertainty surrounding his future at LSU hit close to home for some of the 11 LSU commitments.

Many of the players who committed to the Tigers did so with the idea that Saban would be their head coach.

The decision he makes regarding his future will have an impact on the young men who pledged their services to LSU and Tiger Rag caught up with some of them to get their feelings on the new development.

TE Dajleon Farr Galena Park (Texas) North Shore

"I talked to him on Monday when he came by my house and he said the talk of him leaving is just something that they say every year," Farr said. "He said he had opportunities in the past to leave but he wants to stay at the college level. That is his word that he is staying. But if his decision is to leave then it would be my decision to leave. I'm still committed though for now."

DE Al Jones New Orleans (La.) St. Augustine

"It would effect my commitment because a big reason why I chose them was because of the stability and winning the national championship," Jones said. "He is a big reason they are so successful so if he leaves that would definitely impact my future because he handles the defense minus the title of defensive coordinator. LSU is still my No. 1 school and I'm still committed but I would consider other options if he leaves."

TE Kyle Anderson The Woodlands (Texas)

"Coach Saban was at my house on Monday and he never mentioned anything about it," Anderson said. "My mom brought up the question about him leaving and he said in the past four years he had five opportunities to go to the pro level so why go now."

"I still feel strong about my commitment but it is hard with not knowing if he is going to go or not. If he left I wouldn't know who was going to come in so it would be a tough decision. The kind of offense he runs is perfect for me but I wonder what would happen if they brought someone else in and they ran a west coast offense or just ran the ball all the time."

S Chris Keys Stevenson (Ala.) North Jackson

"Right now, I am still committed to LSU," Keys told "If Coach Saban decides to go to the NFL that will definitely effect my decision. Coach Smart (LSU) visited with me yesterday. He said there were rumors floating around and I should not be surprised. I am thinking about switching my commitment but I am going to talk it over with my family when I go back to Louisiana."

DT Lyle Hitt Baton Rouge (La.) Parkview Baptist

"If he left it wouldn't really effect my decision because the program is still there," Hitt said. "The atmosphere is still there and the school is still there. I like coach Saban but you can't base your decision on whether a coach is going to be there or not. I'm still committed and looking forward to going to LSU. Darry (Beckwith) also feels the same."

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