Players react to Miles announcement

Several LSU players were on hand for Monday's announcement of new LSU football coach Les Miles.

OT Nate Livings


On his impressions of Les Miles

"He sounds like a real good player's coach towards communicating with the players, seeing it from where we see it. He also commented that he played before too. His views are like coach Saban's views, but he also has his differences also. We as a team just have to accept it and that's how it is. I understand that he has so much work he has to do and getting adjusted to the things down in Baton Rouge. It's going to take more than just one meeting, but he sounds like a real real good coach."



WR Skyler Green


On what the team expects from Les Miles…

"We're hoping that he continues our success with what coach Nick Saban left behind and hope we can continue to build on that foundation coach Saban left behind."


On if he believes Les Miles can continue LSU's success…

"I'm very convinced that he can. When he first talked to us he said that this is not my team, this is our team. That was the biggest quote he said to us. We're going to take it and run with it that way – together we're going to do this."



OT Andrew Whitworth


On his first impressions of Les Miles…

"I think he's an intense guy. I think he's a guy that's going to be very focused on what he has to do and what he needs to do. That's something that we're going to be excited about also. This team has a goal to be successful, and we have a huge senior class coming back this next year. I think guys are going to be ready to win and be successful here at LSU again."


On the coaching search being completed at this time…

"It's good. I think it's good for the program. It's good for everyone to have it over right now. We can work right now and start working on things like recruiting and doing different things that we need to do to help the program be successful. That's going to be our goal, and definitely just seeing that he's intense and devoted to that also is a positive."


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