WHAT THEY'RE SAYING: The media's take on Miles

Tiger Rag surveyed members of the local and national media for their feelings on the hiring of Les Miles and the job, they feel, he will do as the next football coach at LSU.

"A lot of folks are wondering if LSU couldn't have done better. But, really, who was LSU going to get? They were determined to get a head coach. Les Miles parlayed two victories over Oklahoma into a nice promotion."

- Dennis Dodd, CBS Sportsline


"It's my opinion that LSU, like so many other schools before it rushed to fill the position for fear of a bigger P.R. hit if they waited longer to hire their man. That man likely would have been the same Les Miles they announced (last) Monday. Les Miles has been one of the nation's most underrated head coaches the past four years. He is a good hire at this point. And LSU might see sustained success with his leadership."

- Tim Brando, CBS Sports


"Les Miles might not be a name that blows you away. But think about how the OK State fans (and Louisville and Arkansas fans, for that matter) must feel about LSU being able to come in and steal their coach. LSU showed its status with this hire. And Miles should be able to keep the Tigers ‘up and running.'"

- Mike Triplett, Times Picayune


"Interesting choice, but it's almost like LSU is hoping for lightning to strike twice. Miles got OSU from A to B, but he lost his two bowl games and didn't beat anyone this year other than UCLA. However, Saban was seen as a coach who couldn't get a team over the hump coming from Michigan State and obviously that worked out. For Miles there's no honeymoon. With LSU's talent and expectations, he has to win right now."

- Pete Fiutak, Collegefootballnews.com


"Miles comes with a resume that is hard to find any holes in.  Hopefully everyone will allow him to do things his way, because that is what made him the success he is.  He shouldn't be asked to do things the way Nick Saban did them.  There are more ways than one to win football games.  LSU got a high character, outstanding football coach."

- Charles Hanagriff, LSU Sports Network/Guaranty Broadcasting Corp.


"I believe LSU hired the best candidate available, considering the list of coaches available. I just hope Tiger fans give Miles a chance."

- Jeff Palermo, Louisiana Network


"I've heard nothing but good things about him from having interviewed numerous coaches and players who have had to face him and his Oklahoma State team in recent years, among them being Jack Bicknell and the Louisiana Tech University staff. I know ex-Tech quarterback Luke McCown exuded praise about the preparation of coach Miles and his staff after the Bulldogs faced Oklahoma State in both 2001 and 2002. I think he'll be an excellent fit for the Tigers' program."

- O.K. "Buddy" Davis, Ruston Daily Leader


"He is stepping into a tremendous amount of pressure.  The expectations are insane, and the fact that a large number of athletes will be returning next season will only add to that.  Throw in the constant comparisons to Nick Saban, and life will be tough without early success in Tiger town.  Just off the bat, he seems to be a lot more outwardly emotional than Nick Saban.  That could be an exciting rally point for him with fans.  He seems to be a bit more blue-collar type coach as well, that should help with high school recruiting.  Ultimately success on and off the field, recruiting and a clean program, will determine if he stays for long and earns the devotion of Tiger fans."

- Michael Cauble, WBRZ - Baton Rouge


"Is Les more? Or did LSU settle for Les? Truth is, LSU seems to have settled for Les, but he may have the potential to become more than many think. He could end up being almost as good as Nick Saban but minus the yearly talk of a departure to the NFL, which would be nice. Miles is not a great choice, but he's a good one considering what was available out there. He's miles ahead of the other coaches LSU interviewed. Until Miles, LSU's "search" was more of a dredging. I heard of Houston Nutt and R.C. Slocum early, but I thought they were such bad choices that I didn't think LSU would even look their way so I didn't even investigate. Jimbo Fisher would have been a better hire than Petrino as well and should have been interviewed by LSU. That was a mistake and LSU may pay for it down the road."

- Glenn Guilbeau, Gannett News Service


"Never heard of him until the day he was hired. That's about it."

- Bob Ryan, Boston Globe/ESPN


"Les Miles was a good hire. LSU followed a winning formula. Hire a coach from a big conference who is playing second fiddle in his own state. Don't expect him to be Nick Saban. Don't expect him to stay forever. If he wins big he's headed to the NFL. Perhaps to Dallas."

- Ed Daniels, WGNO – New Orleans


You have to trust Skip Bertman and you have to figure he got one of the best coaches available. But only time will tell and one thing's for sure ... there will be a drop off from the Saban era. Let's just hope that "Drop Off" is as minimal as possible. LSU is now one of college football's elite programs ... let's hope it stays their under Les Miles.

- Kaare Johnson, WWL Radio


"LSU did a through job finding a solid candidate for the job. He might not be the sexy name fans were looking for, but neither was Saban."

- Jim Kleinpeter, Times-Picayune


The leash of wiggle room will be much tighter, following Saban's two SEC titles and a national crown. Is Miles, the next Saban? Miles from it. Honeymoons for shotgun weddings don't last long and this has D-I-V-O-R-C-E all over it if you ask me.

- Chuck Corder, Pensacola News Journal


"Frankly, I thought LSU would get a coach who had more success on the college level. Perhaps Skip Bertman is looking at it from the angle that Nick Saban coached at the second school in Michigan and had success, so perhaps Miles can do the same after having coached at the second state school in Oklahoma. Miles should succeed right away with what he inherits. The question will be over the next 4-6 years. The most impressive thing about his resume to me is he's 2-2 against Oklahoma and is very close to being 3-1 against one of the nation's elite programs over the past 5 years."

- Jimmy Hyams, WNOX-Knoxville


"Les Miles was a better hire for LSU than Bobby Petrino would have been anyway. Miles has accomplished more at OSU with less talent, not to mention he's beaten Bob Stoops and Oklahoma on more than one occasion. Miles has a stable of talent to work with and I don't expect much of a drop off. Nick Saban came in as kind of an unknown and look what he accomplished in just five years."

- Larry Holder, Galveston County Daily News


Miles is being handed the keys to a Ferrari, not Al Bundy's Dodge. People will expect him to cruise this high-powered machine to at least 8 – 10 wins. Unfortunately for Miles…there will be at least one moment this year when LSU fans will question the way he's handling the wheel…."That's not the way Saban would've done it", they'll say.

The knee-jerk reaction from most people will be "LSU could've done better." But when you consider the timing of this whole thing, the candidates who were actually available, and the criteria Skip and company were looking for….I don't think they could've done much better. He seems like a genuine man, with high morals, and a respect for fundamentals, toughness, and the way the game should be played. He also seems personable and approachable…something we were all hoping for in the new guy.

- Jacques Doucet, WAFB-Baton Rouge

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