No decision yet from Alexander, Manuel

Rumors abounded over the commitments of Christian Life linebacker Rufus Alexander and Jennings defensive end Alonzo Manuel, but Tiger Rag gotto the bottom of the matter and learned there was nothing to them.

Even after an impressive visit to LSU, Jennings High linebacker Alonzo Manuel looks to visit Tulane this weekend before making his final decision. Visits to Texas A&M and Auburn also yielded good impressions, making Manuel's choice a difficult one.

"He's still got it down to the final four," Jennings coach Russell Phelps told Tiger Rag. "I thought we were really close (after the LSU visit), but I think he's going to stand on the four that he's got, and I look for him to make a decision next Wednesday (Jan. 30)."

According to Phelps, Manuel had a "tremendous" time at LSU, and was impressed with both the athletic and academic facilities and programs. The fact that Manuel wants to study engineering doesn't help matter much, as all four universities have top-notch engineering schools.

The 6-foot-2 Manuel is being sought after by Auburn and Texas A&M as an outside linebacker, but he has recently bulked up enough so that Tulane is seeking him for the defensive line.

He's up to 247." Phelps said, "He's not losing weight, he's gaining weight, and that's while playing basketball."

Phelps said that LSU is looking to play Manuel at linebacker to begin with, and possibly bulking him up more to play end.

"He's got a very tough decision to make," Phelps said. "Because these four schools have everything he's looking for — academically, athletically and socially."

Alexander has spent much of the last week refuting conflicting stories - some saying he committed to Oklahoma and other placing him with Texas. LSU hosted Alexander this past weekend, and the Tigers are among the finalists with the Big XII schools.

Christian Life head coach David Barham compared Alexander's situation to having three beautiful women to marry and about a week to decide which one he wants to take down the aisle.

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