Mayer makes quite a splash in LSU debut

Ever heard the name Jordan Mayer?

Well, you might soon be hearing a lot of it. The 6-3 redshirt freshman made quite a showing in his first game as a Tiger. He went two-for-four in his debut with a triple and a homerun.


"I had a good night," Mayer said. "I went up there with a plan. I picked the right pitch and things fell in place."


Mayer played at the designated hitter position, but there is talk among the coaches of working him into a regular position on the field. Coach Smoke Laval said they are working with Mayer at catcher and might try him at first base. However, he's pleased with the guys in the field, so Mayer may have to wait his turn.


"They all know their role and that's the way it goes," Laval said.


Mayer played third base, first base and pitcher in high school but seems content to get into the game however he can.


"This year's really a special year because we have so many players that can play," Mayer said. "We're so deep. Matt Liuzza and Dustin Weaver are doing a great job behind the plate and I am so proud to be learning with them because they're probably the best catchers that I'm going to be able to work with at this level. Will Harris is doing a great job at first base. It really doesn't matter if I DH or if I'm on the field or if I have to sit out a couple of games just as long as I'm backing my teammates. That's all that matters."


The Alexandria High School graduate was picked in the 2003 major league draft in the 49th round by the Cincinnati Reds. He decided to attend LSU and sat out last year. Laval said the red-shirt year was good experience for Mayer.


"He comes as a freshman and does it our way," Laval said. "He knew he was going to red-shirt, he

didn't try to make the team. So now he'll be good this year and if he keeps doing it our way and the way its taught that's how it's supposed to work."


It is not often that you see a guy hit a triple in his very first collegiate at-bat. Even Laval commented on the surprising calmness and confidence that Mayer displayed in his first game.


"He had a nice calmness about him," Laval said. "Which shows that he's pretty confident in his plan and how he approaches it. That was nice to see."


Laval noted, however, that the inexperience will eventually catch up to Mayer as it has with other freshmen players.


"It'll catch up with Jordan too with good pitching, you know SEC type pitching, but while we're waiting he did an outstanding job."


While many people at the park were surprised by the newcomer's power-hitting, Laval wasn't. During fall intrasquad practice, Mayer recorded 12 RBIs and five homeruns.


"We've seen him do it even last year as a red-shirt," Laval said. "All fall he led us in homers and doubles. In the spring he's probably hit as many homers and doubles or hard-hit balls as anybody that we got. He has a nice (offensive) plan."

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