In this edition of Where We Stand, it was an historic week for women's sports at LSU.<br><br> Record crowds turned out for several women's events on campus last week, baseball and softball kick started their seasons and several former Tigers picked up their first, second even third Super Bowl rings.<br><br> LSU fans revel in the fact they have a "nice guy" as their football coach and he scored major brownie points completing his coaching staff as well as reeling in another football signee.

First and foremost a great big paws up to women's athletics on the LSU campus. It is amazing the success on the women's side of the LSU athletic department. The Lady Tiger basketball team is ranked No., 1 in the nation, drew over 15,000 fans for the second time in three years to see a game and are favorites to win the national title. Coach D-D Breaux's Tiger gymnasts recorded a huge victory over arch rival Georgia last Friday night and are currently ranked No. 3 in the land and are the highest rated SEC squad in the country. And Yvette Girouard's young Tiger softball team split a pair of games in the Desert Classic at UNLV over the weekend. They debuted this season at No. 5. Congrats to all.


 To Tiger fans. You showed up in droves last week to support LSU athletics. For the first baseball series of the season versus Nicholls State, 10,643 fans showed up for the two games (5,359/5,284) as LSU destroyed the visiting Colonels. The fourth largest crowd in LSU gymnastics history (4,012) turned out Friday to see D-D Breaux's squad knock off Georgia. And how could you forget the 15,233 that packed the PMAC for the Lady Tigers win over Tennessee. It was by far the most raucous crowd with sustained enthusiasm these eyes have ever seen.


 To Tiger basketball fans. As impressive as the attendance are for the other games, just 5,411 fans came to see John Brady's Tigers. We understand some folks aren't happy with Brady and have grown apathetic, but do not punish the players just because you don't agree with the head coach. LSU still has a shot to make it to the NCAA Tournament so get out and support the team.


 People were not so happy when Les Miles was hired as the Tigers' 32nd football coach. But those things are changing by leaps and bounds. Miles, who has professed his love for college sports in general, has become a fixture around LSU sporting events. Miles was seen sitting courtside with wife Kathy and his four children for the Tennessee game on Thursday. And he isn't a bump on a log either, Miles shakes hands and kisses babies and cheers wildly for the teams. He had better!! Kathy was a college basketball player!


 While we are at it, let's throw some more kudos toward Les. After weeks and weeks of anticipation, Miles completed his coaching staff with the final three defensive hires. Former Oklahoma defensive coordinator Bo Pelini was hired as the DC, former all-SEC defensive lineman Karl Dunbar was hired away from the Chicago Bears to coach the D-line and Bradley Dale Peveto, the former defensive coordinator at Middle Tennessee State was bough on board to coach defensive backs and special teams. While people aren't as critical of Miles anymore, he has an outstanding staff stocked full of guys with NFL experience. Plus, he has the best offensive coordinator in the country in Jimbo Fisher (now that Norm Chow has moved on to the NFL) and the former defensive coordinator (with NFL experience) of Nebraska and Oklahoma who should be the head coach of the Huskers right now. Not bad Les.


 We promise this is the last one. Les Miles again for finally coercing Miami, Fla. defensive line prospect Rickey Jean-Francois to signing with LSU. RJF made it official on Thursday, a day which was one of the busiest at LSU in a long, long time.


 On the flip side of recruiting, Ryan Perrilloux is at it again. After last week's circus concerning what he may or may not have said in USA Today, Perrilloux was spewing confidence again this week when he was pretty bold in an article by Carl DuBois in the Baton Rouge Advocate. Perrilloux was quoted as saying "they definitely want me to come in and see if I can be the person that looks like gold all the time and get them the ball, because the receivers are kind of frustrated because they had to cut the offense in half just so JaMarcus and Matt could play." YIKES…. Like we said last week, this kid makes friends fast. Is this arrogance or confidence? We'll see come August.


 And if Perrilloux's comments weren't bad enough, East St. John coach Larry Dautreive (who spent several years coaching in the CFL) said Perrilloux (right now at 17 years old) is better than Doug Flutie when Flutie was 28 years old and playing for Dautreive in the CFL. Okay…..


 To Tennessee coach Pat Summitt. After her team was soundly defeated by the Lady Tigers last Thursday, the Lady Vols coach was more than a little irritated at the play of her team. In the press conference, Summitt eluded several times that she gave LSU credit for a good game but then said her team didn't play very well. She had the tone that LSU didn't beat Tennessee, but that Tennessee beat themselves. A total lack of respect.

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