Prospects back from LSU Junior Day

This past weekend Les Miles and his staff had an opportunity to entertain some of the top recruits on their board for the 2006 class at LSU's Junior Day.<br><br> I have not been able to confirm whether or not the Tigers picked up any commitments over the weekend but I was able to talk to several players the Tigers have already offered to see how they felt about the new coaching staff and the overall experience.<br><br>

Chaz Washington DT 6-3, 295, 5.0 Destrehan (La.)

Tiger Rag: What are your thoughts on the junior day event?

Washington: "It was excellent. I enjoyed myself a lot. I loved the campus and everything."

Tiger Rag: Did you get offered on the trip?

Washington: "I talked to coach Miles about committing and he said they were going to get my transcripts and check on my grades. I told him I might want to make an early commitment."

Tiger Rag: How are your grades right now?

Washington: I haven't taken the test yet but I have like a 2.9 GPA."

Tiger Rag: What was the highlight of the trip?

Washington: "I loved the school. The presentation of the new stadium improvements was awesome. They showed us the training room and the weight room and I loved them."

Tiger Rag: What schools have offered you a scholarship?

Washington: "Ole Miss, USC, Miami and Notre Dame."

Tiger Rag: Where do you rank LSU on your list of favorites?

Washington: "They are No. 1 on my list so far. I want my dad to be able to see me play and that is going to be important."

Tiger Rag: Have you and Jai (Eugene) talked about playing together in college?

Washington: "We are going to go to the same school and most likely we are going to LSU." Tiger Rag: Do you think you will make an early commitment or will you take some visits?

Washington: "I might commit early but I also might wait and commit on TV at the U.S. Army All-American Game that I was invited to."

Al (AJ) Woods DT 6-4, 315, 5.0 Elton (La.)

Tiger Rag: What was your impression of the coaches and the campus life?

Woods: "I liked the coaches a lot. Being at LSU was like home away from home."

Tiger Rag: Did they ask you for an early commitment?

Woods: "They asked me for a commitment but I told them I need to talk to my parents before I do anything I like that. I like LSU a lot but I also like Florida and Oklahoma too. I think I will take some visits and enjoy the recruiting process before I make a decision."

Tiger Rag: Would you say LSU is the team to beat?

Woods: "You can say that."

Ricky Dixon WR 6-3, 200, 4.5 Reserve (La.) East St. John

Tiger Rag: What is your impression of coach Miles?

Dixon: "He is really cool and down to earth. I think he would be fun to play for because he is so cool. With coach Saban, he was so serious but I like a coach who is down to earth like coach Miles."

Tiger Rag: What other recruits did you hang out with on your trip?

Dixon: "Chaz Washington and Jai Eugene from Destrehan, and my teammates Louis (Lee), Jamaal (Thompson) and Roy (James)."

Tiger Rag: Did coach Miles try to get a commitment from you?

Dixon: "Not really. He just asked me if I liked the school and what I thought about everything. With everything they are adding it makes you want to go there even more. He knows with Ryan there I am going to be there a lot. It will be like a second home."

Tiger Rag: What other schools do your currently like?

Dixon: "Florida State (offer), Tennessee (offer), Mississippi State (offer) and Texas (offer)."

Jared White WR 6-1, 175, 4.5 Mobile (Ala.) Williamson

Tiger Rag: What did you think of your trip to LSU for junior day?

White: "It was good. I had a lot of fun."

Tiger Rag: Did you enjoy getting to meet coach Miles?

White: "I got to talk to him a lot and he seems like he is a great man. He is not just focusing on football but it's like he cares about me as a person."

Tiger Rag: You and JaMarcus Russell are cousins right?

White: "Yes sir."

Tiger Rag: What has he told you about the recruiting process and LSU in general?

White: "He said to just go where I think I'll be comfortable at and to keep a level head. He's always talking about LSU and how he is surrounded by so many great people."

Tiger Rag: Did coach Miles offer you a scholarship?

White: "No. Not yet."

Tiger Rag: What schools do you currently like the most?

White: "LSU, LSU and LSU (with a laugh). I also like Auburn, Florida and Alabama."

Tiger Rag: Would you say that LSU would be your leader?

White: "Yes sir."

Jonathan Hollins DE 6-4, 240, 4.75 Baton Rouge (La.) Redemptorist

Tiger Rag: How did junior day go?

Hollins: "It went real good. I liked the school a lot. I met all of the coaches and they all seem real nice. I can really see myself playing there."

Tiger Rag: What coaches did you get to talk to the most?

Hollins: "I talked a lot with coach (Jimbo) Fisher and coach (Karl) Dunbar."

Tiger Rag: Did they talk to you about an offer?

Hollins: "No sir. Coach Fisher said he liked what he saw of me on film. I'm going to go to camp there this summer and work out for them so we'll see."

Tiger Rag: Have you picked up any offers yet?
Hollins: "No sir. Not yet."

Tiger Rag: What schools stand out to you right now?

Hollins: "LSU, Auburn, Tennessee, Alabama, Ole Miss, Miami, Georgia and USC."

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