Tara trio sure to garner attention next year

Over the next few months college coaches from all over the country will be traveling to Louisiana to check out the Bayou State's top prospects for 2006. <br><br> One of their destinations is sure to be Baton Rouge-Tara to check out the talented trio of Brian Duncan, Cory Chappell and Jerrious Smith.

Perhaps no one was as valuable to head coach David Prescott's squad last season as Duncan (6-2, 235, 4.8).

After starting the season at defensive tackle, he eventually moved to his more natural spot at linebacker. Along the way, though, he also contributed at fullback and every spot on the offensive line.

Despite moving around so much, Duncan still enjoyed a solid season with 83 tackles, 4 sacks and 3 forced fumbles. His performance impressed enough high school coaches to earn Second Team All-State on the coaches' team and First Team All-District as a linebacker.

"He is a great athlete," Prescott said. "No. 1 is he is a real smart kid. You can tell him something and he will remember it for a year. That is what allowed him to be able to move around as much as he did and not skip a beat. He is also a huge hitter with good size and good athletic ability. He is fully qualified and just a real good all-around kid."

Prescott expects Duncan to continue to improve and believes he has a bright future at the college level.

"When he gets to college the coaches will be able to give him a lot more specialized coaching at that position," Prescott said. "Potential-wise, he is as good as anyone I've ever been around."

Aside from the normal process of getting letters from schools at this time of the year, Prescott has talked to several coaches from some BCS-schools that are more than a little interested in Duncan.

"So far, I have talked to LSU, Auburn, Ole Miss, Mississippi State and Texas A&M," Prescott said. "Those are the ones that seem the most interested."

Les Miles would not have to venture far to nab the Baton Rouge-native and if he extends an offer it would be hard to pass up.

"I think he really likes LSU," Prescott said. "His family lives here and he is real close to his parents. I think he is a good LSU guy if they offer."

Duncan is not the only linebacker Tara has who has a good chance to play major Division-I football when his high school career comes to an end.

Chappell, a 6-3, 205-pounder with 4.7-speed, led Tara in tackles last season with 84 and also recorded 3 sacks. He is an aggressive player that has that old school linebacker's mentality.

"Duncan will hit you hard but this kid is a violent player," Prescott said with a laugh. "He will flat out take your head off. Texas A&M is real high on him. They send him stuff every day. He is also fully qualified so that helps a lot."

While Duncan is more of a true linebacker, Chappell could end up playing a rover or strong safety in the right scheme if he can get his 40-time down just a bit.

Smith (6-2, 215, 4.8) played fullback last season and finished with 692 yards and five scores, while leading the team with 139 carries.

His size and speed may prevent him from playing fullback at the next level but Prescott believes he is athletic enough to play somewhere.

"In the right scheme he would be a fullback but when you start looking at SEC schools their fullbacks are around 240," Prescott said. "I would like to see him as an H-back because he can catch the ball real well. The thing with Jerrious is he is so physical that someone will want him."

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