TIGER Q&A: Sitting down with Les Miles

Tiger Rag editor Matt Deville had the opportunity to sit down with new LSU football coach les Miles in an exclusive interview. Miles chatted with Tiger Rag about an array of topics most notably he and his family's adjustment to life in Baton Rouge, his coaching philosophies even how he and wife Kathy met. All of it is here and can only be found in Tiger Rag.

Deville: First and foremost, you come from a school rich in football tradition at Michigan. Since arriving at LSU and already experiencing some of the craze that is Tiger football with the Bayou Bash, what are your initial impressions of LSU football?


Miles: I think it is representative of people that really care about their school. I enjoy it. When your assistant coaches, players and yourself work as hard as they do, it is wonderful when the people of the state and the community that surround your school – LSU – care so much about it. It is wonderful.




Deville: Tiger football is a religion for true LSU fans and they take it very seriously. Besides being asked about your skivvies at the Bayou Bash, what is one the most outrageous things you have been asked since arriving in Baton Rouge?


Miles: I think he asked me something about my skivvies and I used that term long ago in some sort of talk. Then he asked me, ‘tell us about your skivvies.' He didn't ask me about the color, but I figured I had better come up with an answer that was easy to handle so I said, ‘my skivvies are purple.'




Deville: The question I get asked most about you when having conversations with LSU fans is where does your loyalty stand. We all know a portion of your heart will always be with Michigan having played there. But with Nick Saban's departure to Miami, fans are concerned about you possibly leaving for Michigan someday. If you had to tell them something to change there mind, what would it be?


Miles: This is a tremendous opportunity. It is one in which you have the opportunity to service your players. You have the opportunity to win the championship of the SEC, a national championship. It is a school where they are pursuing excellence both athletically and academically. There is no reason to leave. And understand and although I will always care very much for Michigan, this has every opportunity that you would want. And also, my wife is spoiled. She is a Michigan girl and she says warm weather only.




Deville: Speaking of your wife Kathy, how did you meet?


Miles: It is interesting. It really is an interesting story. My first pro basketball game I ever saw, I saw the (Detroit) Pistons play the (Los Angeles) Lakers when the Pistons were on their first-peat, opposed to a three-peat. They were on their way to their first championship. You know the ‘Bad Boys,' (Bill) Laimbeer and the bunch, before the tattoos, before (Dennis) Rodman's tattoos. I went with a buddy and it just blew my mind how big those men were running up and down the floor and how athletic they were. I had great seats and I was really fired up about basketball. I had just parked my car. I think that was a Sunday night. It was a Monday morning and it was probably 7:50 or so and I was heading in for a morning meeting and there was this relatively attractive young woman walking through the parking lot. And myself being single I certainly would not have forgone the opportunity to say hello. So I said coincidently, ‘did you happen to see the game last night.' And she was a basketball coach and I had no idea she was a basketball coach. She said ‘I absolutely did.' So we spent the 10 minutes prior to my meeting talking basketball. And that was my first pro game and had no experience with the sport and was not a basketball guy. And she immediately thought wow this is a football coach and a basketball guy. And so over time, our relationship grew. I didn't want to be inappropriate in our athletic community and did not want to really be to forward so I operated under every premise of professionalism that I could while getting as close as I could. It took me a year and a half and I want you to know that I took every opportunity I could to be around her and talk to her and enjoy her company.




Deville: Furthermore about your wife and family, how has the Miles family adjusted to the move to Baton Rouge and the transition of getting settled in a new community and university?


Miles: I give my wife a lot of credit there. She got them down here right away. She got them right into school I want to say, we arrived on a Sunday and I want to say they were in school on a Tuesday or Wednesday up and running. My oldest son that is nine is playing baseball and swimming. My oldest daughter is playing softball, possibly on two teams, and swimming and will play basketball next year, but she is already involved now. My youngest son is wrestling and swimming. There adjustment is going well, but obviously they miss some close friends, but there are people here that they are playing with and are associated with so it has been a pretty good transition.


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