Ruston's Livingston flying below the radar

Ruston (La.) defensive end Lazarius Livingston (6-3, 252, 4.8) is a player not many people know about for now but that will change over the next few months.

The standout end is bouncing back from a knee injury that cost him nearly all of his junior campaign but when Les Miles saw him at LSU's Junior Day a couple of weeks back he wanted to know who that physical specimen was.

"Coach Miles called last Friday to see about him," said Ruston head coach Billy Lair. "He was extremely impressed with him as far as the eye test goes. I also talked to coach (Stacey) Searles and he said he liked the way he looked and that they would be coming by in the spring to check him out.

"The first test has been passed with the eye test and his character so now it's time for him to do it on the field, which I think he will do."

Livingston was on pace to have a breakout year before he suffered a torn ACL after the second game last season. That was only Lair's first season at Ruston but he saw enough of him to know he could be a major prospect down the road.

"The two things he did last year was he was real aggressive and had great quickness," Lair said. "He played pretty up tempo the whole time from the time the ball was snapped until he heard the whistle blow. He benches 335 and power cleaned 265 six times so he is pretty strong too."

Lair said Livingston should be 100 percent by the time the spring rolls around and that is when his name should surface a lot more in recruiting circles.

"Last year, he wasn't as strong as he is now but when you add that quickness and strength together he can be a dominating defensive end," Lair said.

Sonny's Take: I've never seen Livingston in action or even on film but I have heard from a couple of my sources that he has the potential to play at a BCS-school if he recovers fully from his ACL injury. A recurring theme that I hear when his name is mentioned is "the kid has a huge upside." Coaches from Auburn, Ole Miss, Alabama and Arkansas have said they will be checking him out during the spring but I'd be willing to bet that there will be more coaches traveling to Ruston over the next three months. Grades and the test score will be close but they are definitely within reach according to Livingston.

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