Ricard signs as only Tiger QB

The LSU football team looks like they've got their quarterback for the future in either Matt Mauck or Marcus Randall. But just for insurance, they bring in the top passing prospect in the state in Amite's Lester Ricard.

Vital Data: The Amite offense off Donald Currier (6-5, 190) relies largely upon a stable running game, but the accuracy of Ricard through the air introduced a new dimension to the Warriors' attack. He threw for 1,883 yards and 19 touchdowns in his senior season and stands by the early pledge he gave to LSU despite taking visits elsewhere.


Tiger Rag's take: Ricard comes into a pretty good situation at LSU. The starting job is basically sewn up but the depth at the position allows a freshman to get good repetitions even if he has to redshirt. That redshirt is essential for Ricard as he transitions to a true multiple offense under Jimbo Fisher.

The Scoop: Ricard needs to get his standardized test score up to snuff in order to qualify as a true freshman. He has repeatedly displayed his accuracy on long balls and can make the quick fire on a short route. The main fundamental challenge in front of Ricard is working on his timing with some of the top receivers in college football.

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