Planchard will stay close to home

LSU will add depth and spirit to his defensive line with the addition of Catholic-Baton Rouge tackle Doug Planchard.

Vital Data: Opponents rarely took their attack straight at Planchard and the middle of the Catholic line, but he still managed 44 solo tackles as a senior. His strengths include a quick first step that allowed him to block three field goals as a junior.

A standout on the Catholic track and field squad, Planchard has competed on the state level in discuss and shot put. His best marks are a 53.7 put and 151.2 discuss throw.


Tiger Rag's take: There is still some conjecture as to whether Planchard will remain on defense or eventually find his way over to the offensive line. Heading into 2002, LSU probably has a greater need on the defensive line. Time will tell where Planchard will fare the best.

The Scoop: Doug's parents, Greg and Kay, are both LSU graduates. Even before he was making his mark with Catholic, Doug knew the words to the LSU fight song and the alma mater – "even the words nobody sings," says Kay.

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